Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine's Weekend Recap

Happy Monday girls!

Corey and I celebrated our "Valentine's Day" this weekend since he headed to Breckenridge in Colorado for a boy's ski trip yesterday morning. On Friday, I planned a surprise dinner for him. Corey went to the gym after work and when he got home, I had fresh bread from a local old-fashioned bakery, a yummy salad that looked like it came straight from a restaurant, and lasagna waiting.

Lasagna was the first meal I ever made for Corey when we first started dating. We finished off with warm brownies and vanilla ice cream for dessert. Then cuddled on the couch and watched the movie of his choice- Contagion, which has made me paranoid of everything I've touched all weekend long.

On Saturday evening, Corey took me to a tapas restaurant and wine bar in Hoboken, Bin 14. This place was amazing and I think its my new favorite restaurant in Hoboken. I love tapas restaurants and think they are so fun - and of course I also love wine!

We started off with a cheese plate then had specialty bruschetta. Mine was lobster, avocado, and arugula and was delicious. Corey even liked it and he's not a fan of seafood. He tried the black bean and garlic bruschetta. We had a truffle and creamy tallegio flatbread pizza and it was amazing - light but crispy. Then, we enjoyed a chicken and dumpling special and parmesan and truffle fries.

What is so fun about this restaurant is we had such a difficult time narrowing down the dishes we wanted to try. The next time we go, we could order a completed different set of small plates and not repeat anything we ate this weekend. I can't wait to go back - we're already making plans to go to a Wine 101 class next month.
My sweet Valentine at Bin 14

After dinner, we headed to the movie theater to see The Vow. Oh my word, I loved this movie! I already knew how the true story ended so I was on edge all night to see if the movie ended the same way. I'm such a sucker for sweet and sad love stories. I love so many of Rachel McAdam's movies. The Notebook, The Time Traveler's Wife. She plays the best, most romantic roles.

We shared Sour Patch Kids as the dessert for our dinner. Those are my favorite for the movies! When we stepped out of the theater to walk home, there were light snow flurries. The movie theater in Hoboken is in a more quiet area of the city so it was the perfect ending to the perfect Valentine's night - a walk home with my love on a quiet, snowy night.

Anyone else see The Vow over the weekend? Thoughts? What are your Valentine's Day plans?


  1. Sounds like quite the Valentines celebration! You guys went all out!

  2. I saw The Vow, too! It left me wanting more, but most movies do! I loved the story, so I came home and ordered the book about the true events. I can't wait to see just how they match up!

  3. Love Valentine's weekend celebrations! We're not celebrating until Saturday night when he moves in. And then Sunday night, I'm taking him out (yes, a little role reversal) to celebrate his new job! I can't wait! Is it Friday yet?!

  4. Glad you had a great Valentines weekend! I saw the Vow and had so many mixed feelings. I was so confused I took my feelings out on a blog post movie review lol. I watched a video of the real couple and it made me feel better!

  5. What a great way to celebrate. Such a grand two days.

  6. Sounds like a great Valentine's. :)

    I saw The Vow and liked it, but I didn't love it. I didn't realize it was based on a true story though.

  7. all that food sounds delicious! I'm now starving! You should post your lasagna recipe, I would love to know!

  8. looks like you guys had a great valentines weekend!



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