Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Bridal Talk Tuesday - THE dress is here!

Life with Elizabeth

Believe it or not, it was eight months ago that my Maid of Honor, Elizabeth, and I made the trip to Kleinfeld in search of the perfect wedding dress. I'd tried on at least thirty or forty dresses and hadn't found the one yet but I was pretty optimistic that Kleinfeld would have something - they are after all the largest wedding salon in the country.

I got the call on Saturday. My dress arrived at Kleinfeld. So exciting!!!!! I haven't really been thinking about the dress. I saw the sample again at Christmas when my mom and I chose my veil. I haven't second guessed my dress decision so I've been pretty patient.

Now, however, I am just dying to see it! The problem? My dress is currently being held at Kleinfeld. My first fitting is not until May. (The dress wasn't supposed to arrive until mid-April.) There is no point in moving the fitting up because I may lose more weight as it gets closer to the wedding - especially now that the weather is getting warmer and the end of the school year is getting closer. 

Kleinfeld is shipping my dress to me in Hoboken because even though it is barely a mile from the salon, it is out of state and that is a big help with sales tax. My dress won't be shipped until about ten days before my fitting appointment because as you may know if you watch Say Yes to the Dress, you can't open the box when it arrives at your home! This voids the shipping insurance so you must bring the unopened box to your first fitting and open it there. 

I have been a super patient girl but now I find my patience gone! I can't wait to open the box and try on my dress (not the sample) for the first time. I am beyond excited! 

151 days until the wedding - in case you were curious!


  1. that is so exciting! I'm sure it'll look beautiful!

  2. That's so exciting! I'm sure once you get the box open it will have been worth the wait :)

  3. I didn't know all of that, and that is interesting. I cannot wait to see wedding pictures.

  4. ahh! how exciting! It's going to be awful to have that box and not be able to open it!


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