Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Happy Birthday, Blog!

Today Life with Elizabeth turns one year old! One year ago, I published my very first post. I had an idea that my blog would be a way for me to share my favorite fashion finds and swap make up and hair tips with other bloggers. My main goal was to record the exciting changes in my life, as I prepared to leave my job and my home state and relocate to Hoboken, New Jersey to be closer to my fiance (who was actually still my "boyfriend" at the time.)

What an exciting year it has been since I started my blog. You have supported me through an engagement and celebrated with me weekly through my Bridal Talk Tuesday posts as Corey and I plan our wedding. While that was certainly the highlight of my year, I think what is most special to me about this "blog year" is how you supported me not in exciting moments such as these, but how you offered words of encouragement to me during more difficult times.

I have received the sweetest and most supportive comments about my move. From a suburb of Charlotte, just over the state line into South Carolina, moving to the metro New York City area was somewhat of a culture shock. I left all of my best friends, the city I felt was home, my family, and a school district that was a dream to work for. Being away from my girlfriends was the most difficult part of moving, especially as many of them stay very busy with graduate and law school. I have formed so many friendships through my blog and I feel so very fortunate to have you all.

Soon after I moved to Hoboken, I started a job that I absolutely hated. I was miserable for at least 75% of every workday. When I resigned after only a few short weeks to pursue my career in teaching (which is where I've always belonged), I received so many positive comments and celebrations from many of you when I was hired to teach Kindergarten just a week later.

I am so happy that I began my blog and that I've found so many of yours as many of you are some of the most kind and sincere women I know. I'm looking forward to starting my second year of blogging and hopefully there will be many more. Cheers to one year - grab a glass of your favorite Skinnygirl and celebrate with me!

In the spirit of celebrations, I am offering the first of two exciting giveaways this week. I love the color line from Mary Kay. I use the CompactPro filled with my favorite eyeshadows and blushes. I love that I can fill it with the colors of my choice and then replace my most frequently used colors when I run out. 

I also carry the Compact Mini in my purse so that I can touch up at any time. It holds three eyeshadows and a blush or bronzer. Underneath the colors is a small compartment that holds travel sized brushes. This thing is seriously a lifesaver for afterwork events or touching up late at night. I don't go anywhere without it.
Because I love my compact mini so much, I am offering one as a giveaway to celebrate my first blogoversary. It will be filled with three neutral eyeshadows and a blush, a $45.50 value. The giveaway will run until midnight on Sunday, March 25. You have three chances to enter:
1. Mandatory: Visit my Mary Kay website and tell me which product you'd most like to try in a comment. 
2. Display my blog button on your homepage. Let me know you've done this in a comment and leave your link.
3. Mention this giveaway in a blog post. Be sure to leave me a link to your post and comment letting me know you've done this.

Good luck! And stay tuned for a fun sponsored giveaway later in the week! It will be super exciting and you definitely don't want to miss it!


  1. I'm interested in the botanical skin care line. I used to use timewise, but it wasn't working out for me.

  2. I've heard great things about the Lash Love mascara, I'd love to try it out!

  3. Happy Birthday to the blog. I've so enjoyed getting to know you. Your giveaway is fabulous. I would like to try the colors in the earth glitter or something like that (blonde woman in make-up looks)and a foundation primer. The price is good for that.

  4. Happy Blogaversary! :)

    The products I'd be most interested in trying is their new Botanical Effects skincare line.

  5. Happy birthday Life with Elizabeth!! <3

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  7. I used to use the eyeliner... and miss it!
    Congrats! So happy to be a reader and look forward to all your posts to come. xo

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