Monday, March 5, 2012

Life Lately and St. Pat's Celebration lately has been super busy and exhausting. Friday was a fun day at work - my Kindergarteners celebrated Dr. Seuss's birthday by eating green eggs and ham, experimenting with oobleck, watching a couple Dr. Seuss cartoons, and rotating through some fun literacy and match centers. It was a great day for them - they've really enjoyed reading Dr. Seuss's books over the last two weeks. And it was a good end to an exhausting week at work for me.

After work I had to run to the mall to hunt down something St. Patrick's Day -esque to wear to Hoboken's celebration on Saturday. I drove instead of taking the train and got caught in yucky New Jersey Friday 5pm traffic. When I made it home, I headed to them gym then Corey and I ordered chinese food. We had a full day planned Saturday so we planned to take it easy and watch a movie at home Friday night. I kid you not ladies - I fell asleep somewhere around 8:45. It turned out to be much needed as I woke up rested Saturday morning and ready for the St. Patrick's Day festivities, which began with beer and mimosas at 9 am.

We went to a "Eggs and Kegs" party at our neighbor's apartment first thing in the morning Saturday. After my eleven hours of sleep (Ha!) I woke up early and had plenty of time to get ready.

Then we headed over to another friend's apartment for a big breakfast and multiple mimosas. Mimosas are my favorite for brunch! A friend picked up green bagels from a local bakery and they were amazing.

Kind of blurry but it was the best we could do!

Hoboken's big St. Patrick's Day parade was cancelled this year because there was too much debauchery last year. Hoboken was still super crowded with lots of bar specials and an organized bar crawl. We spent most of the day with friends at a house party on Washington Street.

It was a great weekend with great friends. We took a long walk with Riley this morning, had lunch, and cleaned our apartment. Speaking of Riley, he celebrates his second birthday this month. Then, a week later, we will celebrate my first blog-iversary with a fun giveaway.


  1. Yea, I'm surprised so many people still celebrated even though the parade was cancelled! I'm jealous of your 11 hours of sleep! I'm getting a lot less sleep now that M is living with me... We're on different sleep schedules lol. Oh wells, happy Monday!

  2. This looks like so much fun! I can't wait for St. Patrick's Day..definitely one of my favorites!

  3. They celebrate St. Patrick's Day early. Loved your green top.

    Glad you had a wonderful weekend.

  4. I do love mimosas! Yummm! I'm not a big fan of St. Patrick's Day :( but love y'all's spirit!


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