Thursday, March 15, 2012

Riley is Two!

Happy Birthday Riley Thomas!

Two years ago, I was just returning from a spring break trip to the Bahamas when the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel breeder called me to let me know that one of her girls had had puppies during the night. I was on the wait-list for a puppy (actually a girl in the blenheim color) as a graduation gift from my parents.

I hurried over the very next day and met Riley and his sister, who ended up becoming sick and having to be kept by the breeder as opposed to being sold. It was fate that Riley would be the newest addition to our family. Corey was very adamant about not getting a puppy but we weren't all that serious yet so Riley came home to live with me while Corey was out of town visiting with his parents.

The day Riley came home!

15 weeks

Six months!

Christmas morning pj's - "naughty and nice"


Happy 1st birthday Riley!

Happy birthday to the sweetest pup ever! We love him so much and he is pretty much perfect, aside from when he goes through the trash or eats our socks and underwear. 


  1. Happy Birthday Riley! I can't believe he's already two! He was such a cute freaking puppy!

  2. Happy Birthday, Riley! You just get cuter with age! :)

  3. happy birthday riley thomas!! :) i love that him and peyton have the same middle name!!


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