Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Bridal Talk Tuesday - Favors

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Happy Bridal Talk Tuesday ladies. Today's edition of BTT will be short basically just because I'm super exhausted. We finally have warm weather here in New Jersey which is good because I feel like I'm more at home and can finally change out my closet. Unfortunately, though, my school does not have air conditioning. And chasing eighteen Kindergarteners around for eight hours in an 85 degree classroom is just plain exhausting. Whew.

On our April to-do list from our wedding planner, Corey and I are supposed to make a decision about favors. We have had a really hard time deciding what we want to do with these. Our wedding planner said that only about 30% of guests will take the favors so this has caused us to think twice about how we want to spend the money allotted for them in the budget. We've thought about a couple things.

1. Stemless wine glasses that say "Eat, Drink, and be Married" with our names and the date. I like these because they are something that guests can keep and for most of our friends - pretty practical. ;)

2. We've talked about making a donation to the American Cancer Society in the name of our guests and then just providing a small favor - like a small box filled with chocolates or m&m's or a personalized cookie.

3. We've also talked about skipping the traditional favors in favor of a dessert buffet or late night milk and cookies snack.

This is something we just can't decide on. Thoughts?


  1. I'm actually a fan of the late night snack idea! I went to so many weddings growing up (huge extended family) and favors always got thrown away eventually.

  2. We aren't doing favors. I mean honestly who actually uses them anyway or remembers haha?!

    I think we are doing a late night delivery of Krispy Kremes! :) I just have to figure out who can bring them. Maybe Foodie Call?! I've been to a wedding that had these and it was a huge hit. Some were individually packaged for guests to put in their purse and some were stacked like a cake! Ha!

  3. I did "Southern Takeout" which was 2 mini-pralines per guest in a chinese takeout box. I bought less than the amount of guests that RSVPed, and I was still left with a ton. If you do favors, do something edible and don't buy one for every guest. I had 140 RSVP, purchased like 130, and still had too many.

  4. Deciding on favors has been a bit of a pain in the ass for me....its hard to justify spending a lot of money on them when I know most people will forget them. We decided to have our friend who makes the most delicious sugar cookies in the universe to make cookies for us. We are going to package them up really cute and leave them at each place setting. My sister did these great sage and citrus candle at her wedding and we had sooooo many left over it was insane. i would go with something ediblefor sure. Good luck!!

  5. Late night dessert! A great idea! I love that...but it depends on how many people you think will still be around to enjoy it at the end of the night. Just a thought!

    Our favors were fun and affordable because they were DIY -- hot cocoa mix in mason jars -- but we ended up with a lot left over. We did have people tell us they loved them though and were using them. Maybe you could do chocolate chip cookie mix in jars or something people can take home and use to make treats.

    Another option is to make your table cards the favors as well - so you knock out two things at once with only one cost. We had little mini ornaments for our table cards that guests got to keep.

  6. Cute! I am thinking we are going to do a candy buffet with cellophane to-go bags, complete with personalized M&M's!
    Originally we wanted something like honey or something southern themed, but I'm sure my guests won't think as much of it as I will! ;)

  7. I love the little cookies, but the late night desserts sounds pretty great too!


  8. I love all of your ideas! We are doing the Eat Drink and Be Married saying on our cocktail napkins :) I love the milk and cookie ideas- we are doing donuts from my fiance's favorite bakery as people leave in place of a grooms cake. Everyone loves little late night/early morning snacks :)

    For our favors we are doing a photobooth where each guest can get unlimited pictures and they get to keep the picture strips from it. It ended up costing about $3 a guest for the entire evening. While not oober cheap, it's a great way for guests to have a photo keepsake of the night :) Whatever you chose will be great; just remember, people are there for you and honestly most could really careless about the favors. It's great advice that someone gave to me :)

  9. I just linked up one day late! I love the stemless wine glasses. I would most definitely use those again!



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