Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Bridal Talk Tuesday- Florists, decor, and tastings, oh my!

Life with Elizabeth
Happy Bridal Talk Tuesday! On Saturday, Corey, Riley, and I flew home-home to see my parents and get some wedding planning done. We have been super busy the entire time, starting from the minute our flight landed.

Saturday, we grabbed a quick lunch then headed to pick out our wedding bands. I thought this was going to be super easy but it actually took two glasses of wine and about an hour. Ha! Then, we headed to South Park mall to look for a Mother of the Bride dress for my mom. She has been a little worried about this but we were successful and found a pretty mauve/lavender chiffon dress with a beaded bodice and jacket. Perfect Mother of the Bride! We headed home and enjoyed a nice dinner out to celebrate.

Sunday after church, we headed for another quick lunch then went right back for our first of two premarital counseling sessions. I thought this was going to be a little stressful but it went super smoothly and now we are halfway finished with our sessions. We took a long walk afterwards then had a Southern barbecue dinner. Yum!

Our day Monday was completely full. We met up with our wedding planner, Cortenay, and started at 8:15 am at The Tuxedo Lady in uptown Charlotte where we picked out tuxes for Corey, the groomsmen, and our ring bearer. Then, we headed straight to Ballantyne Resort where we had a meeting about decor. We chose table linens, discussed chargers and room set up, and talked about centerpieces. From the meeting, we headed straight to our dinner and cake tasting down the hall. This was by far my favorite part!
Yummy menu for our tasting! We'll discuss this more another day!

Sneak peek at our entree choices and the options for accompaniments! We made a final decision but everything was so good that it was tough!

We met with Cake Lady Jill of Charlotte to discuss the design for our cake and taste flavors. More to come on the cake next week! Everything was delicious!

Today, I'm off to meet with a potential florist, then to my hair and make up trial, then straight to check out a rehearsal dinner venue.

Tomorrow, unfortunately, isn't nearly as fun. I have to go to the gynechologists and finish up my taxes with our accountant. Not the most exciting end to my trip! Ha!

Happy Tuesday ladies!


  1. So dang productive! I can't stand it! I'm glad you're getting so much done though! Before you know it, it'll be time for the wedding :)

  2. I just found your sweet blog, and I love it! New follower - I can't wait to hear more about your wedding; it sounds lovely. I haven't started planning for my own yet, but we're setting the date this week, so I'll be reading along!


  3. Looks like everything is coming together nicely! Have a great trip! :)
    Happy Wednesday to you!

  4. Thank you for the commenting, I was able to find your blog! Im now a follower. :) I am not engaged, close to enagaged or even have a BF haha but I always enjoy reading about wedding planning.

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