Sunday, April 1, 2012

Home in Carolina!

Corey, Riley and I are at home-home in South Carolina. We got in early yesterday morning and have been super busy crossing off items on our wedding to-do list and catching up with my parents and family. We are loving the warm, sunny weather (I pulled out my shorts and Jacks before leaving Hoboken) and Riley has been enjoying playing in the grass.

We've enjoyed some of our favorite Southern foods - pimento cheeseburgers, shrimp and grits, and I'm looking forward to some barbecue with my family tonight. I used to take these things for granted - now I mention pimento cheese and people just stare at me with a blank expression - ha!

This is the start of my spring break for work and I'm so happy to be spending half of it at home-home. I felt pretty sad for my kids on Friday when they were wearing puffer coats to hunt Easter eggs.

I'm excited to update y'all on all that we've accomplished for Bridal Talk Tuesday. I hope everyone is having a fabulous weekend and don't forget that I have an awesome My Memories giveaway going on and the winner will receive this super fun and super easy software for free! It ends tomorrow at midnight so click on the button on the sidebar to enter right now!



  1. Glad you're so happy to be at home and enjoying delicious Southern food. I can't wait to hear lots of updates tomorrow!


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