Monday, April 30, 2012

Misc. Monday

Happy Monday ladies! Its been ages since I've linked up for Misc. Monday but I thought I'd give it a whirl this week. How was everyone's weekend? Mine was the perfect combination of restful and fun - which is exactly what I needed.

I don't know if I mentioned that standardized testing is going on right now. My school is K-8 so it will be going on for the next three weeks as well. This really wore me down last week because I lost all my preps (including my lunch on two days.) This has been especially hard this year because my school is extended day and it just makes the day so long (for me and the kids.) At least by the time it is all finished, there will only be a month left of school! This year has really flown by - I can't believe it is almost over!

On Thursday I organized a happy hour meetup for alumni of my sorority (Kappa Kappa Gamma, if you were curious) in Hoboken. I'm a member of the NYC alumni association but I was hoping to find some Kappas living in Hoboken as well. It was a great time - nine girls came and we had so much fun. Several of them have just moved to the area as well so this was a great opportunity for us to meet some new girlfriends.

Corey sent me flowers just because on Friday. They are absolutely gorgeous and really got my weekend off to a good start. I was in a sour mood on Friday because the valet in our building backed my car into a wall and I'd been steaming about their "we assume no responsibility to damaged bumpers" policy all day. This surprise was such a mood lifter - especially because I thought it was the Grimaldi's pizza delivery person at the door when I went to answer it.

I took a vinyasa yoga class yesterday morning. I used to take yoga twice a week and have gotten out of it recently because the evening classes are at 7:30 and I prefer to work out immediately when I get home from work. Well...I will definitely be making this part of my weekly routine. I felt so much better afterwards.

Has anyone tried the barre or Vbarre classes? My gym is offering Vbarre demos this week and I am super excited. I managed to squeeze my way into one of the 6pm classes and am excited to see what they are all about. Vbarre is a combo of ballet and pilates with its main focus being to tone and define the body, which is exactly what I need to do for the wedding. I'm still being tortured by the personal trainer but it never hurts to add something new into the mix.

I got a haircut on Saturday. I'd been going to one of Elle magazine's top 100 salons and had been very happy with my haircuts. However, the salon closed for renovations in January, which I didn't know until February when I called to confirm my pre-scheduled appointment and got their machine. I waited super patiently for two months even though I like to be on a strict every eight weeks schedule. Finally, I gave up and tried a new salon over the weekend and it was marvelous. They give great scalp massages, make coffee or an alcoholic bevie for you, then rub your neck and back while you drink it before getting down to the haircut. My stylist was super knowledgeable and I'm loving the cut. I took off about two inches and my hair feels so much healthier. I think we're going to have a very long, happy relationship as long as I'm in Hoboken. If you're in the area and looking for a stylist, make sure to go to Mad One Jacks.

Last Sunday I got a French mani/pedi and the mani just started chipping on Friday. Can you believe it? I have never had a french mani last so long.  Even though it is still cold here and I'm still wearing a jacket, I switched my polish to Essie's Cute as a Button yesterday. Maybe this springy, warm weather color will bring about some springy, warm weather?

Hope everyone's week is getting off to a fabulous start! Happy Monday, lovelies!


  1. A fresh haircut is the best! That Essie color is one of my favorites! Have a good week!

  2. I love that nail color, and your salon sounds incredible!


  3. I can't believe that they assume no responsibility! That's terrible especially when they're the ones who did it... Womp womp. Well at least your hair looks great and so do your nails!

  4. I'm sorry about your car, that would be frustrating! Love the flowers and the nail color though!

  5. Your hair looks great! And so healthy!
    I love Bar Method- they also have DVDs on their website
    Love the nail color as well! :)

  6. Loving your hair!!! And I need a manicure so badly- yours looks fab!


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