Monday, April 16, 2012

Monday, Monday

I'm having a case of the Mondays today. Basically, the only thing that got me out the door to work was that it was finally warm enough to wear my Jacks to work, which lifted my spirits but also saved me from having to search for gray socks.

I have a new personal trainer to help me get ready for the wedding. He reminds me a lot of the trainer I had when I was competing in pageants in that he's not satisfied until I'm nauseous. That's how I like my trainers though - I need them to push me. And push me he did - my abs and butt and arms and legs have been sore for a week and a half.

Corey and I went to Dylan Prime, one of our favorite steakhouses, in TriBeCa on Friday. It was delicious as usual. Corey had their French onion soup which is the best I've ever had and I started with the house salad which has a delicious creamy vinegarette dressing. With our steaks, we had parmesan and pancetta broccoli rabe and truffle lobster macaroni and cheese. Oh my goodness, the macaroni and cheese was out of this world amazing. Yum!
Saturday, I was tortured by the personal trainer and then we headed to the meatpacking district to the Standard Biergarten, which was super fun. We had dinner back in Hoboken and ate outside by the waterfront (I love that!) and saw The Hunger Games. Wow - what a powerful movie! I haven't read the book yet but will definitely be checking it out.

I wore short sleeves (top by Anthropologie) which it's been too cold to do at night and I was having a really good hair poof day (see below.)

Yesterday, I was once again tortured by the personal trainer and then by Corey when he made me walk to the mall instead of taking the train. I painted my nails last night, A Crewed Interest by Essie, and am loving the cute peach color.

Happy Monday!


  1. Your ring is so gorgeous!!! I love the nail color and phone cover too! :)

  2. I need to get a trainer for the wedding too! That's a good idea.
    I love that Essie color! :)
    Happy Monday to you!

  3. Love the nail color, so cute!! I actually may try it, since I prefer natural color on my hands.

  4. I love that antro top on you and the peach for your nails is the best color for spring!

  5. I need to be tortured by a personal trainer! Wedding shape time!



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