Friday, April 20, 2012


I am so happy that today is Friday! I'm sure most of you are in agreement. That case of the "Monday's" I talked about earlier in the week continued on all week.

I've been in a funk all week this week. I'm thinking maybe it's because our routine has been off. We didn't do the errands that we normally get done on weekends. I always make sure the apartment is sparkling clean, my clothes are washed and put away, and we both make a big run to the grocery store together to plan out meals for the week. This week, I only surface cleaned the apartment, I've been pulling my clothes out of the dryer all week (where they've been since Sunday), and Corey made a quick run to the grocery store on our block just to get the essentials. I really feel like not getting my usual chores done this week has caused a chain reaction where I've felt frazzled and exhausted all week long! Do any of you ever feel that way?

Last night, Corey had a golf lesson so I stopped by my favorite boutique where my friend now works, then picked up fro-yo ob the way home. This is my absolute favorite treat - I love the tart original with fresh fruit and honey and sometimes a scoop of fruity pebbles. Yum! Then I had wine and sushi for dinner and caught up on some of the shows I've DVR'd. (Grey's, Revenge, and GCB in case you were wondering.)

Tonight after work, I'm headed to the gym then Corey and I are going to dinner at our favorite Mexican restaurant. Its BYOB so we'll be bringing a bottle of Skinnygirl with us, which is sure to be a mood lifter. ;)

Happy Friday girls!


  1. We are having margaritas tonight too!! Hope your Friday goes more smoothly than the rest of the week!

  2. Sounds like a fun dinner to look forward to tonight! Enjoy those margs!

  3. Mmm, the frozen yogurt sounds so good right now!


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