Monday, May 7, 2012

Weekend Recap

Happy Monday girls! I hope you all had a fabulous weekend. Corey and I did but boy am I wishing that it was a little longer. Isn't that always the case, though? Friday night, we had a casual dinner with Corey's parents to celebrate their anniversary. I wore this:

Afterwards, we drank lots of wine and I painted my nails Essie's lilacism. I have about 40 different shades of pink, peach, and coral polishes and even a couple reds for Christmas and Valentine's Day but I don't think I've ever done a purple. I am loving the lavender shade. 

On Saturday, I cleaned our apartment (this is an every week task) then cooked a Cinco de Mayo dinner.  We had chunky guacamole (I posted that recipe for that here). I made delicious roasted tapatillos enchiladas. Burritos, tacos, taco salads, and fajitas are the extent of my ability to cook Mexican food so I was a little nervous. The recipe was pretty labor intensive but so worth it because it was delicious! I'll be sharing it with you soon. 

Sunday, we were awoken at 6:00 am by the sound of a jackhammer doing repairs on our street. Its moments like these where I don't enjoy living in a major city. I did a couple loads of laundry then headed to yoga. Afterwards, Corey and I had lunch then went shopping at Jersey Gardens, which is the largest outlet mall I've ever been to (200 stores in one building!) I had the best time at the Banana Republic outlet. 

My wedding dress will arrive at our apartment on Friday. I am beyond excited! I'm not allowed to open the infamous Kleinfeld box until two Saturdays from now (May 19) when I go for my first fitting. My veil arrived so I'll have my full wedding day ensemble to wear when I go, though. I am really excited over the veil because I had a nightmare a couple weeks ago that it got lost in shipping and somehow I didn't notice until I was standing in the narthex of our church. My wedding planner was making a frantic phone call to UPS and I was crying. So I did the only logical thing I knew to do and called Kleinfeld immediately the next morning. They told me it was in transit from the designer, which of course made me more nervous because I was sure it was going to get lost. Then, I got the call last week that it had arrived safely to the store and would be there for my first fitting. 


  1. Sounds like a great weekend! How exciting about your dress coming in aaaand that recipe sounds delish!

  2. 1. Your nails turned out awesome! I need to get as good as you. I also don't have any lilac colors either.
    2. I am so pumped that your dress is arriving soon! And I'm happy that the veil thing worked out (I would have cried too).
    3. Any new Riley pictures for us, please?

  3. beautiful nail polish color! I think I need to get that Essie polish ASAP! xo

  4. Sounds like you had a yummy cinco de mayo! I love Essie polish. They seriously have the best color selection. Glad everything is coming together for your wedding! I know how stressful it all can be!

  5. Have a great week. Hope you are well. I love how Riley looks at you while on the bed. So cute.

  6. ahhh can't believe you tried on your dress already (probably!) so exciting!



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