Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Bridal Talk Tuesday - Something Old, Something New

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Happy Tuesday, ladies! Can you believe we're down to just over two months until the wedding? Time just keeps flying by! Today, I wanted to take a moment to share some of the special, meaningful details of the wedding. While everything is special to me as we've put so much time and thought into planning, these are some of the details that are small but personal. 

My Something Old
This antique cameo was a gift to my mother from my father for their fifth anniversary. My mom has always loved cameos (she also owns one that her grandfather watched being hand carved in Italy in the early 1900's). This one is an antique as well and has a tiny diamond on the woman's necklace. I've always been so interested by my mom's cameo collection, and because this one was a gift from my father, it makes it even more important to me. This cameo can be worn as a pendant but also has a pin on the back, which is perfect as I plan to attach it to my bouquet. I'm so glad I can adorn my bouquet by something so pretty but also so special to my family, and a reminder of my parents' 29 years of happy marriage!  

My Something New
I chose my own earrings as my something new. I knew I wanted to incorporate pearls with a little sparkle. That's the pageant girl in me - large, sparkly earrings. I love how these have an ornate, slightly vintage look with the pretty ivory pearl in the center. I'd looked at many pairs of earrings and hadn't found any that I really loved. Then, when my maids of honor and I went to try on bridesmaids dresses in Charlotte, I was browsing at the accessories case while waiting on one of my girls to try on a dress. And I spotted these! Ornate, sparkle, and pearls. Everything I wanted in a wedding earring. And to top it off - they were on sale for the Holiday season! Yay! I tried them on with my dress at my first fitting and they really are a perfect fit. Love, love, love! 

Lots of things are happening on the wedding front. I have my second fitting on Saturday. I'm excited because I'll get to see my wedding dress in my own size. I've lost lots of weight since I bought it so it was way too big last month when I went for my first fitting. My wedding planner is stuffing invitations and getting those out. I have three showers this month and have received the invitations for those - so excited to spend some time with the girls! And of course, the Bachelorette invites arrived yesterday, which is super exciting because I'm so looking forward to a weekend with my besties! It's almost here!!!

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  1. Loving your something old and something new! I have a feeling I might be wearing my Mom's veil for my wedding just because I loved hers and that's old (28 years this year). Hope the fitting goes well!!!

  2. Love the pin! so gorgeous and meaningful!

  3. Love all of these, especially the gorgeous pin! My something old is a pearl ring that my grandmother gave me to wear for the wedding, my something new will be my earrings, and my something borrowed/something blue is a blue garter that all of my fiance's sister's have used for their weddings.

  4. Both are beautiful!! Only 2 months!!


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