Thursday, June 28, 2012

Carolina Bound

Riley, the wedding dress, and I are South Carolina bound. I'll be home home until Tuesday. I'm planning to spend time catching up with my friends and family, attending my final bridal shower, taking my Bridal portraits, tying up some loose ends for the wedding, and just enjoying some Southern hospitality. Riley is looking forward to seeing grass, chasing squirrels, and peeing wherever he wants.

As excited as I am to go home, there is one thing I'm not excited about:
Getting there. And of course getting back on Tuesday. But in the meantime, I'm just excited to see my friends and family tonight!


  1. Have a safe drive and a great weekend!!

  2. Have a fantastic trip, safe drive, and enjoy your time in the car with mister Riley!

  3. yuck what a trek but I'm sure you'll have such a wonderful time once your there!

  4. Once you come to Carolina you will never want to leave! :)


  5. Have a really wonderful time - and break up the drive in 4 hour segments...psychologically it'll go faster. :)


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