Thursday, June 14, 2012

Thoughts for Thursday

Happy Thursday lovelies! You know what Thursday means?? Its almost Friday! Yay!!

This week has creeped by because I've been so giddy and excited for tomorrow because I'm flying to South Carolina and will get to see some of my friends and sorority sisters and then my parents on Sunday. My grandbig in my sorority is hosting a bridal shower for me and some of my besties from college will be there. My parents are driving down Sunday so we can do lunch and spend the afternoon together before I fly home. I'm so glad I'll get to spend Father's Day with my dad.

I had an hour long phone date with our wedding planner on Tuesday evening, hence why I totally forgot to blog for Wednesday. I have to admit, I feel a million times more relaxed after talking to her. I don't know how anyone can stay sane without a planner during the last few months before a wedding and really admire the girls who can keep a level head. I'm so type A that I'm stressing out about forgetting to do something important constantly. Luckily, Cortenay is so organized that she is able to keep me on track. We finally solved the favor delimma. Here's a hint:

We are so close to the end of the school year!! These last seven school days are going to fly by!!! I can't believe how fast this year has gone and how much my kids have grown. Sometimes I'm amazed at how much difference a year can make. I'm super proud of them!

On the first day of my summer vacation, I think I'm going to sleep until noon. I never sleep in, even on weekends, so that would be such a treat. Especially since on the second day of summer vacation, Riley and I are driving 14 hours.

Tonight I'm hosting a girls' night at my apartment. I really love these opportunities to get together with friends for dinner, wine, and girl talk. Tonight's girls' night might be a throwback to middle school with nail painting if I can't squeeze in a mani/pedi appointment after work. Can you believe I haven't painted my nails in ten days? They are a hot mess. I went to Ulta to pick out a new Essie color and would you believe it - they were sold out of Essie! The whole display was sold out, aside from a couple colors I wasn't at all interested in. I have my eye on Splash of Grenadine. Has anyone tried it?

I'm in the market for a black statement necklace, similar to the lovely Kendra Scott one pictured below. I love this one but am not paying over a hundred dollars for fashion jewelry. If anyone runs across a cute black statement necklace at any online boutiques, pretty please shoot the link my way!

It rained most of the day Wednesday here. When I take Riley out in the rain we both get bundled up in our rain jackets and out we go. Riley doesn't wear clothes except for special occasions (like Christmas and Clemson football games) but he does wear jackets when its super cold or raining. They are actually helpful because we don't come back inside with a soaking wet dog.


  1. Love the necklace and of course the pooch rain coat!


  3. Look at your sweet little pup! I loooove my wedding planner too! Thank goodness I have her!

  4. Oh man... I thought my planner was going to kill me yesterday when I informed her I decided I want our groomsmen in tuxes instead of suits yesterday... with about 2 months till our wedding... oops! ;)
    I don't know how anyone does it without a planner either!

  5. Look at that cutie in his raincoat. Have so much fun at your shower. How will you get all your gifts home?

  6. we always try to put a raincoat on our dog and she hates it!! Riley looks so cute!


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