Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Bridal Talk Tuesday - Crafting and Loose Ends

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Happy Bridal Talk Tuesday ladies! We have just two more before the wedding! The girls and I had a great bachelorette weekend this weekend. I am exhausted and we'll be recapping all the fun we had next week once I have time to gather pictures from everyone because I didn't end up with very many on my camera.

On a side note, I was walking down the street with the girls on the way to our mani/pedi appointment on Friday when I was stopped on the street by Melissa, a sweet reader of the blog. It was SO NEAT to meet a reader in real life! Happy anniversary to Melissa and her husband!

I got home super late on Sunday night and hit the ground running to get started on some wedding crafting and tying up loose ends yesterday. The big project was the seating chart. My mom and I conference called about the seating charts then Corey's mom came over to help finish them last night. Seating charts are like a puzzle - this was one of the most challenging projects thus far!
I'm so glad we used this method for our seating chart. I bought a poster board and the mini sticky notes. Then, I labeled the number of tables we would have and how many people each table could hold. Then, we printed out the guest list and started assigning people to tables. It is super easy in the beginning when I was assigning family and sorority friends to sit with each other but it can get really messy after the easy ones are out of the way. Dinner is an hour and a half so of course we want everyone to sit with people they'll have a great time with. Using the sticky notes let us pick up the guests and rearrange them to make changes without scratching through or erasing. Then, I just look at the diagram of the room set up and assign each group to the table where I want them to sit. Then, their escort cards will be printed.

One of the other projects I have been working on was making these frames for the church. I scanned pictures of Corey and I from our childhood to order prints from Shutterfly for this project:
We will have pictures of Corey and I growing up along the pews. Not only have I been busy gathering the pictures to get printed, I'm also spray painting and glazing the frames today or tomorrow. Unfortunately, reasonably priced ivory frames in bulk are not readily available.

We've also been making the table numbers, which will be inside gold frames. I had myself, my mom, and my cousin hunting down the perfect frames on sale in three different states until we had enough for all the tables.

I'm busy putting together the card box, which was inspired by these Pinterest finds

My mom is finishing up the wreathes for the church doors, which will use True Touch florals from Hobby Lobby. They are artificial flowers but are made of rubber instead of silk so they look and feel really natural. Major bonus is we'll get to keep the wreathes to use at future bridal or baby showers instead of just throwing them away as we would if we had used natural flowers. The wreathes started out like this:
Mom and I wrapped a $2 wicker wreath in green moss, then added flowers. Now, they look similar to this:

Those are just a few of the last minute projects I have going on right now. Of course, I'm also finishing up the packages with everyone's gifts, making final preparations for our trip to Hawaii, and trying to relax with my future hubby without getting too caught up with the stress of everything.


  1. Exciting!!! You're getting so close! Bless your heart for doing seating assignments, I couldn't handle it!

  2. I know this is all so exciting for you!! You have such great ideas! I can't wait to see how they all turn out!

  3. I love all of this! Also, can't wait for your weekend recap!

  4. Yay! That was us, all sweaty coming from the gym :) I'm so glad y'all had a great trip. Charleston is AMAZING!!

  5. You're so close to the finish line (or starting line of the rest of your life, hehe!) I love all the crafting ideas and am going to have to check out those flowers at Hobby Lobby!

  6. OMG, the seating chart was nuts for me too...easy at first and then hard once I had close friends and family out of the way. Crafting projects felt like the death of me by the time the wedding came along. Thank goodness for my mom!! Your crafts look like they are going to be awesome!


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