Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Celebrating Southern: Fashion

Hi there pretty girls!!

Today, I'm linking up with Leslie for another Celebrating Southern post. Today, the topic is Southern fashion, which I just couldn't miss out on. Now that I live in the fashion capitol of the United States, I have access to pretty much anything I want to wear (at least budget-friendly things I want to wear) but I still make the hour trek to the Upper East Side to the closet Lilly store, because in my opinion Southern girls do fashion best.

One thing I love about Southern fashion is that we tend to err on the conservative side, which I totally love. Southern ladies strive to look feminine, with lots of pastel colors and high heels, and they have perfected the art of looking polished without ever seeming over or under dressed.

In our opinion, pearls go with everything and every southern girl owns a pair. We wear them with sundresses, formal dresses, blouses, and t-shirts. On a regular day, you might find us wearing either pearl or diamond stud earrings. We usually save larger, fun pairs for weekend outings.

In the eyes of a Southern girl, Lilly Pulitzer can do no wrong. You'll find us wearing Lilly to lunch, to church, and to tailgate and watch our favorite college football team on gameday. Double points if the dress is seersucker.

For more casual looks, we love J. Crew chino shorts or Lilly callahans paired with a cute tee. We love to be comfortable, especially on scorching 100 degree days, but still take care when choosing our outfits.

For more formal occasions, we'll spend all day getting ready and our look will be flawless. Its a Southern girls' goal to look perfect and polished - without looking over or under done.

Southern girls can transition from cute sandals like Jack Rogers or Lilly McKims to four inch heels in the blink of an eye. While sandals might be our shoes of choice most days, especially as we love to spend time outside, Southern girls love our high heels. We wear them to dinner and to church and of course for more formal occasions.

You'll see Southern gents sporting khakis, Loggerhead or Southern Tide polo shirts, sperry boat shoes, and of course the bow tie. Bow ties are one of my absolute favorite things about the South. So precious!

For gamedays, we take our football very seriously. Because of this, college football games and tailgates are a huge social affair. We pull out or Lilly or another sundress we've spent hours searching for in just the right team color. Mine in the picture above is an orange seersucker Judith March dress, which I wear to Clemson games. Boys will wear polos or button downs and yes, you will see the occasional bow tie at a football game.

There you have it, a taste of Southern fashion. What are the trends where you live?


  1. Such a cute post! I am loving this series!

  2. Love this post! Even though I'm not Southern, I definitely love my pearls!

  3. I grew up in VA right outside of DC and I would say the style is a mix of Southern classics and East Coast prep-just perfect in my opinion! Great simple classics.


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