Monday, July 16, 2012

Celebrating Southern: Hair and Makeup Trends

Happy Monday lovelies! Instead of a normal weekend recap post (we'll get to that later in the week), I found this cute little link-up hosted by Leslie. She is hosting a linky party every day this week where you can celebrate what is special about the region where you live. I, of course, am not focusing on where I live right now. I'm focusing on home. That is, the South. And its extra appropriate this week because I'm heading South for my bachelorette party on Thursday. So without further adieu...

Southern Hair

When I think Southern hair, my mind goes to exactly one place. Yes, girls, that is Carrie Underwood. 

In the south, more often than not, we like our hair long. Usually shoulder length or longer. I really think that's because we like to be able to pull off a more elegant style when we're entertaining company or lunching with friends but also pull it up when we're outside at the lake.

Whether our hair is curly or straight, there will be volume. And most likely a poof. Southern girls are experts with a teasing brush and hairspray is our best friend. Even our ponytails will have some volume.

In the South, we consider our hair to be our biggest asset and we treat it as an investment. Southern girls choose their hair stylists with care and there is sometimes a pretty rigorous screening process. If our hair stylists should move/retire/go out on maternity leave it is a crisis and will be discussed in confidence with our friends over a glass of sweet tea or a margarita.

No matter what color hair you have, there will most likely be highlights. Whether your hairstylists helps create them or they're natural as a result of good genetics and hours spent lounging in the sun, Southern girls usually have highlights. I think they look so pretty when we need to pull our hair up to rescue us from the hot summer temperatures.

Source: via Christine on Pinterest

Southern Make-Up

In the South, we believe in putting our best face forward at all times. Southern women take their makeup routines very seriously and we value a strict skincare regimen. Southern women may hesitate to check the mail without applying their makeup because you never know who you'll run into and if they'll invite you in for a glass of tea.

In the South we live for full lashes and rosy cheeks and the perfect shade of nude lips.
A tan is a must. Of course this is somewhat unavoidable because Southern girls love spending time outside, but sunless tanner is also one of our secret weapons. I use Tan Towels because the color is so natural and never streaks.
Source: via Becca on Pinterest

Southern girls never go to bed without completing our skincare regimen.  Our mamas teach us at an early age to never sleep in our mascara and how important night cream is.

Here's a little peak at my Southern hair and makeup...

What are the hair and makeup trends where you live?


  1. I love Carrie's hair. It's always so perfect. In Ohio, big hair isn't really a thing, but we try to always look our best. Great post!

  2. What a cute post. I love big loose curls like carey underwood.

  3. Lordy, isn't Carrie Underwood just the epitome of Southern hair? I wonder how many of our posts she'll end up gracing as the perfect example today? haha

  4. I heart Carrie's hair! And I don't know what the trends are really here. I don't usually follow trends with hair or makeup. I only wear makeup for date nights or a night out (never to work), and I wear my hair straight (since that's how it dries). :)

  5. Stopping by from Leslie's blog... I share you love of Carrie Underwood's style! I even used a few of her pictures as examples in my own blog. :)

  6. I always wondered how well those tan towels work, I will have to try them! Love this post.


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