Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday Confessions

TGIF ladies! I hope everyone is having a fabulous Friday. I'm kicking mine off with some confessions.

I confess...that I've been MIA this week because there are so many exciting things happening! I apologize and I promise to fully catch you up when I can!

I confess...that I got my teeth whitened yesterday and was a complete baby afterwards once I got home because they were so sore and sensitive. They feel much better today, though. No more coffee until the wedding! Did I mention that I recently found a new dentist - and that they have a masseuse on staff to give complimentary massages after your appointment?

I confess...that I had a phone conference with our minister yesterday and we finalized the details of the ceremony and it gave me goose bumps. So so soon! (29 days to be exact!)

I confess that my bridal proofs are here and that it is killing me not to be able to share them with you. Ok...maybe just a teaser.

I confess...that I am having serious wedding anxiety lately. I'm so worried about overlooking something. I ordered a new planner to help keep me better organized.

I confess...that I have recently become addicted to Lululemon exercise tops, which I guess goes hand in hand with my current fitness obsession. They are just too cute.

I confess...that my bachelorette party is in less than a week and I am so excited to see my friends!!! We're spending a long weekend in Charleston and I couldn't be more thrilled!

Happy Friday lovelies!


  1. Dropping by from Confessional Friday! Oh my dear goodness, I love me some Lulu! Why does everything have to cost an arm and a leg? *le sigh* Enjoy your bachelorette party - so fun!

    Hope your weekend is so wonderful! :)

  2. Why would you want massages after your dentist appt????

  3. I want a dentist like that! haha

  4. I think I need to hit up your dentist asap! I'm so excited for you, so soon you will be a wife!! Enjoy this last month, it will go by so quickly!!

  5. Thank you for sharing Lululemon. This may be just the push I need to get back to the gym!

  6. Can't wait to see your bridals!!
    I'm getting my teeth whitened next month and I'm glad to know what to expect!
    I have been having anxiety a little too- - anything I think about goes in a running to-do list on my iPhone- staying organized has been helping me too!
    Happy weekend to you!! :)

  7. I love your post and I got so excited when I saw that portrait glimpse. Love the shoes.

    I have to ask, how much does your dentist charge. I just told Will and we said, "it must help people not be so stressed with the bill."

    A cleaning/X-ray at a dentist here is about $220. The pediatric dentist is even $245 to $275. We say..thank goodness for insurance so I now want to compare costs.

    I don't know how you are going to go without coffee or tea. I would die.

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  9. ahhh your wedding is so so soon!!!!!!!


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