Friday, August 17, 2012

What's in my beach bag?

Hi girls! Earlier this summer I put together this little guest post for Katie while she was celebrating her honeymoon. In case you missed it, I'm reposting now while I'm on my honeymoon. This post is scheduled of course - I'm not actually blogging on my honeymoon. ;)

While I'm enjoying the beaches of Hawaii, here's an idea of what is in my beach bag.

Let’s do a breakdown.

1. Cute straw beach bag. I’m actually currently still carrying a pink and gold freebie from Victoria’s Secret  last summer but I've been dying to switch out to a straw bag. Isn’t this one presh? Its by Kate Spade, one of my biggest fashion loves.

2. A cute beach towel, preferably monogrammed. I especially love the big ones made for two people so I can spread out and not get too sandy.

3. Sunglasses. I recently got a pair of new Chanel sunglasses for free so I’ll be sporting those, as pictured, this summer and hopefully, many summers to come.

4. Sunscreen. Safety first, girls! I usually wear SPF 30 on my body. I like Banana Boat’s Ulta Defense Sheer Protect. It feels very lightweight, which I like. Make sure your sunscreen is broad spectrum and protects you from both UVA and UVB rays.

5. Mary Kay’s SPF 15 lip balm. Its so easy to forget about your lips but they need protection too! Sunburned lips are no fun.

6.  My phone, which of course sports a cute pink polka dot case. I can’t be separated from my friends and family!

7. Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Faces sunscreen in at least SPF 55, but to be honest I sometimes use the 70. I use Tan Towels on my whole body (especially my face during summer months) for color and try to be especially careful to protect my face from natural sun. 

8. Hydration essentials. Adult bevies are always appreciated on vacation. Skinnygirl is a love of mine. I’m so grateful to Bethenny Frankel for making delicious treats with low calories. My current fav is the Cosmo. It tastes just like water with a splash of cranberry. ;)  I’m also dying to try the white peach margarita. With all those cosmos and margaritas, lots of water is a necessity. I always bring along a double walled tumbler, too. Mine is from Marley Lilly and I love it.

9. A cute cover up. If you want to break for lunch or wander into one of the beach bars, its great to have a cute cover up in your bag. The one pictured I ordered for my honeymoon, also from Marley Lilly. She steals my heart with the monogramming.

10. Cash. When the craving for a pina colada strikes you, you don’t want to wander into that cute little beach bar and be told that they don't accept credit cards. Its better to be safe than sorry in those types of situations.

11.  My iPod, which is actually the one pictured. Yes, I’m aware that it is ancient. But hey it works, and it lets me relax and listen to music on the beach.

12. Some cute chic-lit. I can never read Bergdorf Blondes too many times. I’m hoping the new Emily Giffin book will be out in time for me to take on my honeymoon.

13. Girly magazines. These are my two favorites. I love InStyle as I love fashion and Cosmopolitan is a guilty pleasure of mine.

14. A cute sun hat. I ordered the one pictured with my new monogram. Its so great for sitting outside for lunch as it can give your face and shoulders relief from the sun during the most dangerous part of the day, and it looks so chic!

Well, that is it ladies! What essentials do you keep in your bag that I may have left off? 


  1. Love this of course :) Hope you're having an amazing time!

  2. I have that same beach hat. LOVE it :)

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