Friday, September 28, 2012

Friday Confessional

Happy Fridays, lovelies! The weekend is here! I'm linking up with Leslie for a Friday Confessional. Here are my confessions...

I confess... that blogging makes me spend more money, especially in the fashion department. And in Essie nail polish. I see hues on other ladies that I'd been hesitant to try and fall in love and there goes my paycheck. Bordeaux nail polish for example.

I confess... that I cried during Grey's Anatomy last night. Skip ahead to my next confession if you don't want to know what happened. Oh, McSteamy, you'll be so missed.

I confess... that I'm going to be a slave to my TV this fall. There are so many shows that I'm obsessed with. Revenge, Scandal, Grey's, and PLL will be back on soon! What shows are you obsessing over this fall?

I confess... that I have that newlywed itch. Not the one for a little bambino that all my friends predicted. Nope, the one for a house. Or at least a townhouse as I'm not going to volunteer my free time to cut grass. Pinterest sure doesn't help...
Source: via Elizabeth on Pinterest

Source: via Elizabeth on Pinterest

Source: via Elizabeth on Pinterest

I confess... that I picked out the most absurd costume for Riley for Halloween. He's been a pumpkin the past two years and we need to step it up.

I confess... that I am so happy its the weekend. I'm looking forward to drinks with one of my girlfriends tonight and some quality time with my husband.

Happy Friday!!!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Hitched: Bridal Luncheon

Hello there lovelies! Today in the Hitched series, we are going to begin recapping the events from Friday of wedding weekend, starting with the Bridal Luncheon. Unfortunately, I don't have a lot of pictures from the luncheon or rehearsal. Future brides - assign someone to take pictures at your luncheon and rehearsal. You may think you'll have the time but you won't!

darling invites

We kicked off wedding weekend Friday morning with a luncheon in honor of my bridesmaids. It was planned for the veranda of the Ballantyne Hotel, which overlooks the golf course. It was the perfect venue for the event I had in mind. But...there was a 30% chance of rain for Friday, and while 30% seems like nothing the weather had been kind of sporadic for a couple weeks before the wedding. At the very last minute, I toured our rain plan venue but decided it was a little too formal so I crossed my fingers and gave the go-head to set up outside. And it did not rain! (Lucky for the boys as well because they were golfing.)
bridesmaids before the luncheon (Bethany wasn't there yet)
Elizabeths, Anna, Kate, and Corey's grandmother, and my grandmother

My bridesmaids, both mine and Corey's moms and grandmothers, and two of my aunts were in attendance. We started with a fruit and cheese tray and lots of catching up, then sat down for lunch.
Of course I had to snap a photo of my last place card ever with my maiden name. We had cobb salads and fresh baked rolls for lunch. The service was impeccable. I definitely recommend the Ballantyne as a venue for any event in the area. 
After lunch, I passed out gifts to my bridesmaids. I got them each a monogrammed robe, which they wore the following day, and a pair of earrings to wear with their bridesmaids dresses. The earrings were custom designed for my bridal party by a jewelry designer in Charlotte and the girls are still loving wearing their robes after the wedding. 
I gave our mothers framed pictures as their gifts. Corey's mom has a very modern sense of style and my mom is very traditional. I tried to chose frames that reflected their taste and then framed an engagement photo for Corey's mom and a bridal portrait for my mom. I framed smaller prints for both of our grandmothers as well. 
We enjoyed a lemon raspberry cake by Tizzerts Bakery in Charlotte before heading off to get changed and freshened up for the rehearsal, which we'll discuss next week. 

Monday, September 24, 2012


Happy Monday friends! I hope you all had a fabulous weekend and first day of fall. If the weather where you live is similar to here, you are probably enjoying some fall weather today and hopefully as pumpkin spice latte.

Since Corey and I hosted a party this weekend, we took Friday night very easy and got a casual dinner out and did some preparations (i.e. make jello shots.) Then, on Saturday we woke up early, went on a long walk with Riley, and started the last minute preparations.

I made lots of appetizers. Buffalo chicken rolls, Tex-Mex pimento cheese dip, caprese skewers, mini garlic bread and fresh mozzarella sandwiches, guacamole and salsa, pumpkin spice cookies, and pecan bars. One of my sweet friends makes the best rice krispie treats ever so she brought some by for us. The buffalo chicken rolls and Tex-Mex dip were new Pinterest finds that I had never tried before and both were a major hit. The buffalo chicken rolls are made with egg roll wrappers so they're crispy even though they are baked and the Tex-Mex dip has quite the kick to it. Very good!

I took a few pictures of the food before the guests arrived then completely abandoned my effort to take photos. We had a great time, enjoying some snacks then grilling later in the afternoon and playing a few games of cornhole. 

After our get together, we were in a rush to make it into the city for a friend's birthday dinner. Another couple stayed to help us clean up and we brought all the trays upstairs to rinse off and put in the dishwasher. When we turned on the faucet, the water shot up to the ceiling while simultaneously leaking over everything under the sink. We called our super who said he'd be by as soon as he could and since it didn't seem like it would be resolved quickly, we just left and went into the city and tried not to look at the mess for the next 24 hours. Moments like this, I get really frustrated with renting.  

Our friend turned 24 this weekend and his sweet girlfriend rented out a room in a bar in the village and had a party with an open bar for all of his friends. It was a super fun celebration!

Today is my dad's birthday and my parents' anniversary so I'm thinking about them and wishing I could be there to celebrate with them. Happy birthday, Dad! And happy anniversary to you both!

And that's all for today girls! My allergies are killing me and I'm having a little trouble writing a cohesive post, ha! Happy Monday!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Thoughts for Thursday

Happy Thursday, y'all!

The water in Hoboken is all cloudy and gross looking after the storm on Tuesday night. When I woke up yesterday, I hightailed it to Starbucks for a PSL because when there's a lack of water, a girl's still got to have something to drink, right?

When it still looked gross when I got home yesterday afternoon, I picked up a gallon of water for me and Corey and of course an extra for Riley. Yep, I'm that girl giving my dog bottled water.

Corey and I are hosting a party this weekend for some friends and coworkers. We'll be grilling but I'm also going to be cooking up a storm tomorrow night and Saturday morning making all kinds of yummy appetizers that I found on Pinterest. The one I'm most excited about - Tex-Mex pimento cheese dip. I'll report back on how this was.

I'm going to a NYC Kappa alumni event at the Madison Ave. Lilly store tonight. I'm excited to meet some alumni I don't know and of course browse around the only Lilly store in the area. I have my eye on this sweater.

I've started wearing my Tory's this week and holy cow, my toes are killing me. I always forget how sore my feet get during a change of seasons. Its the tops of my toes in fall when I'm wearing flats and in between my toes in spring when I'm wearing sandals.

Speaking of shoes, I stopped by DSW earlier this week. I had a gift card that I wanted to use because I desperately needed some new heeled boots. My two pairs are from sophomore and junior year of college. I met the nicest woman who shared her coupons with me and taught me how to work the DSW system to get the best price on your shoes. I ended up being able to get two pairs for the price of the pair I came in for. This kind of motivated me to take up extreme couponing it was such a thrill.

That's all for today girls. What's on your mind this Thursday?

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Hitched: Hawaiian Honeymoon, Maui

Hello ladies! Today for the Hitched series, we're discussing the five days Corey and I spent in Maui on our honeymoon. After our visit to Pearl Harbor, we hopped on a commuter plane and headed to Maui. We picked up our rental car and headed to our resort, the Hyatt Maui at Kaanapali. We chose to stay there because there's a lot to do in the Lahaina area and we heard the Hyatt was the nicest hotel along "hotel row" in Kaanapali - and boy was it!
We were greeted with honeymooner lei's and a really cute photo album as a gift from the hotel. Then, we freshened up and changed for dinner. We went to Pineapple Grill, which we'd heard was amazing. We shared some appetizers and had salads with pineapple vinegarette, which was delish. The real treat was the pineapple upside down cake. If you're ever in the area, you should go to Pineapple Grill just for the pineapple upside down cake. Amazing!
The next day we did a snorkeling cruise. This was! We took a boat out to a bay with a coral reef where we were able to snorkel for a couple hours. I wish I had an underwater camera because the fish were amazing. There were so many different types in really neat colors. Then, we were served lunch and endless drinks for the afternoon.
We headed to Wailea for dinner at Capische? If you go to Maui, you must have dinner here. You should eat early so you can watch the sunset because it has just the prettiest view. And the food is great.  Corey and I weren't sure we wanted to do any Italian because we have such good Italian restaurants here in NYC but this restaurant came highly recommended. We started with the mushroom truffle risotto (Corey and I aren't risotto people but we'd heard to try this) and the caprese salad with maui onions. SO GOOD! Our entrees were really delicious, too.
The next day, we woke up bright and early, stocked up on snacks and dramamine and set off on the Road to Hana. The scenery was gorgeous!
It was really really neat how the island goes from lush rainforest with gorgeous waterfalls and black sand beaches to volcanic ruins in just a couple miles. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves on this one.
lush rainforest with a gorgeous waterfall
 to volcanic dryland a few miles away

When we got back, we found a bottle of champagne waiting in our room, which we toasted and enjoyed before heading to dinner at our hotel's poolside restaurant. We enjoyed live music and a pretty view.
After such a long day on the Road to Hana, we spent the next day relaxing by the pool and of course enjoying some adult beverages. For dinner, we ate at a nice local spot, Aloha Mixed Plate, which I recommend if you want to try something more casual and authentic.
The next morning, we took a long walk and then headed back to the pool to finish up our tans! That evening we went to the Drums of the Pacific Luau, which was pretty neat. A little cheesy, but I feel like a luau is something you just must do when in Hawaii!
Our final morning, day ten in Hawaii, we checked out of the Hyatt and drove up to Haleakala, Maui's volcano. It is 10,000 feet high and about 45 degrees in daylight but what a sight to see! The volcanic crater is so cool and you can see the whole island from the top. Truly amazing!

Then, we headed to the airport and flew overnight to New York, where we were reunited with our sweet pup. If we hadn't missed Riley so terribly we would have never come home. We had just the best time on our honeymoon.

Our wedding pictures arrived last week from our awesome photographer so we'll move on to recapping the actual wedding next week!!! Have a great day lovelies! And don't forget to follow Life with Elizabeth on twitter. @dearelizabeth4

Monday, September 17, 2012

Weekend Recap!

Happy Monday lovelies! I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend. I had absolutely the best weekend! My weekend actually continues today because schools are closed for Rosh Hashanah. On Friday, my college friend and maid of honor, Elizabeth, flew into New York. I had Friday off work too so I picked her up from the airport early in the morning and we headed straight to Carlo's Bakery.
I got a cannoli and a cream puff and we ate them by the water, taking in the early morning view of the Manhattan skyline. Then, we headed to do some local boutique shopping. This is my favorite kind of shopping but I haven't hit up all my favorites lately since going back to work. We stopped for lunch and ate outside and enjoyed a few Octoberfest blue moons. Yum!
The next morning, Elizabeth, Brittany (another sorority sister), and a couple friends went to brunch at Calle Ocho on the Upper West Side. I've never done brunch here but it was amazing. Unlimited sangria in really awesome flavors with any entree purchase. Clearly we enjoyed several, then headed to do some sight seeing.
We stopped by Belvedere Castle in Central Park then headed to the Frying Pan in Chelsea. The Frying Pan has been on my list for a really long time but I haven't been since I moved to the area. It is a bar in an old boat that is docked on the Hudson. It was a really neat bar that I'll definitely be frequenting more (at least until it gets cold in about two weeks, ha.)
We took a walk on the High Line (which is an above ground park on an old railroad bed) and then checked out a couple bars.
We headed to Shake Shak for dinner and we may or may not have chosen to go there because of the movie Something Borrowed. I rarely eat a cheeseburger and fries but this one was so worth it. Whatever is in the Shak sauce is pretty awesome.

Yesterday, Corey and I did brunch then relaxed most of the day. We watched football and Mad Men reruns on Apple TV and made homemade chicken noodle soup and fresh baked bread in our new bread machine for dinner. Yum!

Happy Monday!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Essie for Fall 2012

Ladies...let's discuss. What are your thoughts on Essie's fall collection? When I saw this picture, I knew I had to have "don't sweater it" and I was pretty interested in "miss fancy pants" and "head mistress" as well.

Off to Target I went, which is my closest outlet for Essie polish. I have to say I was really disappointed in "don't sweater it." I expected it to be a slightly darker version of "eternal optimist," which is what I'm wearing right now and one of my favorite fall hues. In reality, it was a really, really dark mauve and too much for my skin tone.

I did, however, LOVE "miss fancy pants" and brought that one home with me to try next week when I change my polish. I'm still contemplating "head mistress." Has anyone tried it? (Target was sold out.)

What are your thoughts of Essie's fall collection this year?

In other news, I finally conceded and got a twitter account for the blog. Follow me @dearelizabeth4 xo

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Wednesday Loves

Happy Wednesday pretties! This week is just creeping by super slowly for me but I have lots going on. What better way to get through a sluggish week, than to chat about all the things I'm currently loving?

I'm loving the view from our apartment last night. Two beams of light where the twin towers used to be. And the new World Trade Center building all lit up.

I'm loving that we celebrated this girl's birthday last night with a delicious Vietnamese dinner. This is my sister-in-law, Kate, who turned 24 yesterday.

I wore this dress by French Connection with a peach statement necklace for a pop of color. Its really starting to feel like fall in the NYC area. I probably won't be wearing many more dresses without tights so I'm trying to take advantage of every opportunity. 

I'm loving that this pretty lady is coming to New York this weekend. I'm off work Friday and Monday so I'll be picking her up from the airport and we'll be heading straight to Carlo's Bakery to get our Cake Boss fill. 

I'm loving how handsome this little guy looks after his visit to the groomer's yesterday. I'm also loving that sweet face.

I'm loving Essie's Eternal Optimist. I have no idea what collection this color is from but it is one of my favorites for fall. 

I'm loving this bag by Kate Spade. 

And this one, too. So classy. (I have a birthday coming up, by the way.) 

I'm loving how well the registry completion event went at Bed, Bath, and Beyond this week. For exactly 32 of my own dollars, I got: a bread machine, 5 salad bowls in our china pattern, a butter dish, a gravy boat, our sugar and creamer pieces, picture frames for a small gallery wall, and some Yankees tervis tumblers for Corey. I was one happy girl! 

Most of all, I'm loving my sweet husband.

What are you loving today? Link up with Jamie at this kind of love.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Hitched: Hawaiian Honeymoon, Pearl Harbor and Waikiki

Hello there, lovelies! Today in the hitched series we're going to discuss our night in Waikiki and our visit to Pearl Harbor. I wanted to be able to share lots of pictures of Pearl Harbor to really do it justice so I didn't want to try to squeeze this in with the other Oahu photos. But first - Happy 1 month anniversary to my sweet husband!

I highly recommend visiting Pearl Harbor if you are ever in Hawaii, regardless of what island you visit. It is really easy and pretty inexpensive to get from island to island and spending just one night in the Honolulu/Waikiki area is all you need. Trust me on that one!
When Corey and I checked out of Turtle Bay we headed to our hotel at Waikiki. We'd wanted to check this area out but thought it was a little too South Beach-like to spend much time at. We did some shopping and spent some time at the beach. From the beach you can see Diamond Head, Oahu's volcano.
Then, we headed to a Japanese dinner. I highly recommend eating Japanese if you are in the Honolulu area. There are lots of delicious, authentic restaurants.
In the morning, we woke up bright and early and headed to Pearl Harbor. Our first stop was the USS Bowfin submarine.
It was really neat to check out the submarine and I definitely recommend doing that if you ever go to Pearl Harbor. 
We checked out the submarine museum and explored memorial circle before our scheduled time to go out to the USS Arizona.
When it was time to go out to the USS Arizona, we saw a short documentary about the events leading up to Pearl Harbor and then took a ferry out. The USS Arizona memorial was amazing and eerie at the same time. It conjures up a lot of emotions.
You can see the ship clearly under water. It still holds over 900 bodies and oil still leaks from the ship into the harbor. It is definitely a sight to see if you have the opportunity to go.

There is also a aviation museum at Pearl Harbor that I would have loved to check out but we had a late afternoon flight to Maui so we didn't have time to do everything. I would recommend setting aside an entire day for Pearl Harbor if you want to see all of the sights.

After our visit to Pearl Harbor, we headed to the airport to take a commuter flight to Maui, where we spent the next five days. More to come on that next week!

Happy Tuesday, lovelies!