Friday, September 28, 2012

Friday Confessional

Happy Fridays, lovelies! The weekend is here! I'm linking up with Leslie for a Friday Confessional. Here are my confessions...

I confess... that blogging makes me spend more money, especially in the fashion department. And in Essie nail polish. I see hues on other ladies that I'd been hesitant to try and fall in love and there goes my paycheck. Bordeaux nail polish for example.

I confess... that I cried during Grey's Anatomy last night. Skip ahead to my next confession if you don't want to know what happened. Oh, McSteamy, you'll be so missed.

I confess... that I'm going to be a slave to my TV this fall. There are so many shows that I'm obsessed with. Revenge, Scandal, Grey's, and PLL will be back on soon! What shows are you obsessing over this fall?

I confess... that I have that newlywed itch. Not the one for a little bambino that all my friends predicted. Nope, the one for a house. Or at least a townhouse as I'm not going to volunteer my free time to cut grass. Pinterest sure doesn't help...
Source: via Elizabeth on Pinterest

Source: via Elizabeth on Pinterest

Source: via Elizabeth on Pinterest

I confess... that I picked out the most absurd costume for Riley for Halloween. He's been a pumpkin the past two years and we need to step it up.

I confess... that I am so happy its the weekend. I'm looking forward to drinks with one of my girlfriends tonight and some quality time with my husband.

Happy Friday!!!


  1. I have the serious house itch now too! We have so much stuff now and NOwhere for it to all go!
    And I am obsessed with Bordeaux for fall!
    Happy weekend to you!

  2. Oh I love Riley's costume! I was at Target the other day and found two good ones for Sammy.

  3. I'm so ready for a house too!!! And I just watched last night's greys. Sobbing.

  4. Is Riley going to like his costume.

    Happy weekend!

  5. The new episode of Grey's made me a big mess the other night too. What a way to start off the season! I love your dog's Halloween costume! It's our puppy's first Halloween and I really want him to wear a costume!


  6. completely with you on all of these! i cried like a baby during grey's haha! New follower, can't wait to catch up on your posts!


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