Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Hitched: Hawaiian Honeymoon, Pearl Harbor and Waikiki

Hello there, lovelies! Today in the hitched series we're going to discuss our night in Waikiki and our visit to Pearl Harbor. I wanted to be able to share lots of pictures of Pearl Harbor to really do it justice so I didn't want to try to squeeze this in with the other Oahu photos. But first - Happy 1 month anniversary to my sweet husband!

I highly recommend visiting Pearl Harbor if you are ever in Hawaii, regardless of what island you visit. It is really easy and pretty inexpensive to get from island to island and spending just one night in the Honolulu/Waikiki area is all you need. Trust me on that one!
When Corey and I checked out of Turtle Bay we headed to our hotel at Waikiki. We'd wanted to check this area out but thought it was a little too South Beach-like to spend much time at. We did some shopping and spent some time at the beach. From the beach you can see Diamond Head, Oahu's volcano.
Then, we headed to a Japanese dinner. I highly recommend eating Japanese if you are in the Honolulu area. There are lots of delicious, authentic restaurants.
In the morning, we woke up bright and early and headed to Pearl Harbor. Our first stop was the USS Bowfin submarine.
It was really neat to check out the submarine and I definitely recommend doing that if you ever go to Pearl Harbor. 
We checked out the submarine museum and explored memorial circle before our scheduled time to go out to the USS Arizona.
When it was time to go out to the USS Arizona, we saw a short documentary about the events leading up to Pearl Harbor and then took a ferry out. The USS Arizona memorial was amazing and eerie at the same time. It conjures up a lot of emotions.
You can see the ship clearly under water. It still holds over 900 bodies and oil still leaks from the ship into the harbor. It is definitely a sight to see if you have the opportunity to go.

There is also a aviation museum at Pearl Harbor that I would have loved to check out but we had a late afternoon flight to Maui so we didn't have time to do everything. I would recommend setting aside an entire day for Pearl Harbor if you want to see all of the sights.

After our visit to Pearl Harbor, we headed to the airport to take a commuter flight to Maui, where we spent the next five days. More to come on that next week!

Happy Tuesday, lovelies!


  1. Gorgeous pics!! Wasn't Hawaii amazing?:)

  2. Going to the Pearl Harbor memorial is definitely on my to do list if I ever go out there!

  3. What airline did you fly from Oahu to Maui? When did you book those flights - far in advance?

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