Thursday, September 20, 2012

Thoughts for Thursday

Happy Thursday, y'all!

The water in Hoboken is all cloudy and gross looking after the storm on Tuesday night. When I woke up yesterday, I hightailed it to Starbucks for a PSL because when there's a lack of water, a girl's still got to have something to drink, right?

When it still looked gross when I got home yesterday afternoon, I picked up a gallon of water for me and Corey and of course an extra for Riley. Yep, I'm that girl giving my dog bottled water.

Corey and I are hosting a party this weekend for some friends and coworkers. We'll be grilling but I'm also going to be cooking up a storm tomorrow night and Saturday morning making all kinds of yummy appetizers that I found on Pinterest. The one I'm most excited about - Tex-Mex pimento cheese dip. I'll report back on how this was.

I'm going to a NYC Kappa alumni event at the Madison Ave. Lilly store tonight. I'm excited to meet some alumni I don't know and of course browse around the only Lilly store in the area. I have my eye on this sweater.

I've started wearing my Tory's this week and holy cow, my toes are killing me. I always forget how sore my feet get during a change of seasons. Its the tops of my toes in fall when I'm wearing flats and in between my toes in spring when I'm wearing sandals.

Speaking of shoes, I stopped by DSW earlier this week. I had a gift card that I wanted to use because I desperately needed some new heeled boots. My two pairs are from sophomore and junior year of college. I met the nicest woman who shared her coupons with me and taught me how to work the DSW system to get the best price on your shoes. I ended up being able to get two pairs for the price of the pair I came in for. This kind of motivated me to take up extreme couponing it was such a thrill.

That's all for today girls. What's on your mind this Thursday?


  1. Love the sweater, I'd say get it! Especially in that color!

    And girl, it is a rush knowing how much you can save couponing! I got a thing of eye solution yesterday for $1.00, saving $7! :)

  2. oh yah dogs need water too whether bottled or not, they need clean drinking water. i love couponing too and try and save everywhere i can!

  3. I want to hear your couponing secrets! I wore my Revas out the other night...that was a painful walk home.

  4. What a darling blog! I absolutely love all the light colors and great posts. I'm excited to follow :)

  5. Saw your comment on Caitlin (pearls and curls) blog about going to Furman! I'm actually a current Furman student -too funny! I've been loving your blog for a while!!!
    :) Happy Thursday!

  6. Enjoy your party. That dip sounds great. Happy weekend.

  7. I'm having the same season change problem with my feet! They are killing me!

  8. ELIZABETH! I can't believe it's been so long since I stopped by and your NOW married! My feetsies have been dying after wearing flats all day at school! I'm so excited for fall fashion though that I wear them anyways, haha! Can't wait to read more and check out wedding pics and details!

  9. Please let us know how that pimento cheese dip is... it sounds absolutely divine!! And yes, share your new coupon skills with us. I need some lessons! :)


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