Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Hitched: the Rehearsal

Happy Tuesday ladies! Today, I'd like to recap our rehearsal dinner. This will be a quick recap a.) because I only have about 5 pictures and b.) because its way past my bed time and I forgot to plan a post.
Photo Credit: Kristin and Aaron Byrum
Wreaths: My mom!

Our rehearsal was held at my home church the evening before the wedding and was the first ever rehearsal to begin exactly on time, according to our pastor. Major props to my bridal party for getting there on time, especially in rush hour traffic.

Everything went smoothly, except for one little hiccup with the arrangement of the flowers and the pew frames. Cortenay to the rescue, though, and then everything was perfect. (Seriously, if you live in the Charlotte area you'd be crazy not to hire her).

We followed the rehearsal with a dinner hosted by now mother-in-law and father-in-law at the Ballantyne Country Club. There was a heavy thunderstorm through the night Thursday before the wedding and many of our guests were delayed flying in. We were worried some of them wouldn't make it for the rehearsal but luckily everything worked out and we had 90 guests in attendance.
Bridesmaids (Anna, Elizabeth, Bethany, Elizabeth, Kate)

with my Mommy

The weather was beautiful (mid 80's, which never happens that time of year in the south). This was perfect as we were able to have our cocktail hour outside on the veranda and play cornhole on the lawn. The dinner was a very casual buffet with a slight southern theme and was delicious. We had an ice cream sundae bar for dessert.
With my Maids of Honor

Our rehearsal dinner was so special because it gave us time to catch up with lots of friends and family. We were able to have more relaxed, meaningful conversations with them instead of just the rushed, obligatory "Its so good to see you!" wedding day talk.
Bridesmaids in pink

Corey and I barely got to spend any time together at the rehearsal and we don't have a single picture together at the dinner. The bridal party went out for one last drink after dinner and this photo of us together showed up on Facebook.

If you remember my Bridal Meltdown right before the wedding and were wondering what happened with the rehearsal dinner dress...that is it in the pictures above. It was able to be altered after all, even though I lost three more pounds the week of the wedding after I arrived in Charlotte, and I got to wear the Lilly dress in ivory, pink, and gold - our wedding colors.


  1. So glad you got to wear the dress!!!

  2. That dress is adorable!
    I am so bummed we didn't get more pictures from rehearsal & dinner. I knew we should've hired our photographer for a couple of hours to document it!
    Oh well, at least we have great memories!
    Looks like a wonderful night for y'all!

  3. It looked perfect on you! You are teeny tiny!

  4. Looks like a beautiful time ! Congrats !


  5. LOVE the dress you chose! I've ordered a similar one from the Spring line for my own and cannot WAIT for it to arrive so I can wear it around my house until then heehee!

  6. That is such a beautiful dress. You had a great wedding weekend.

  7. Just stunningly GORGEOUS! That is such a great venue, too.


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