Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Wednesday Lovin'

Happy Wednesday y'all!

I just love to say y'all whenever I can, especially since I never hear it anymore.

Before I dive into my Wednesday loves, I want to give a big, warm welcome to new followers. I've noticed that there are some new readers lately and just want to say how happy I am you're here.

Now, onto the things I'm loving today. [linking up with Jamie.]

I'm loving this color from Essie's breast cancer awareness collection. Checkup.

I'm loving how excited I got when I saw a North Carolina tag on the car in front of me yesterday. Made me feel like I was home :) This was right before I paid $3.99 a gallon to fill up my gas tank, which reminded me I am not at home.

I'm loving all things pumpkin. Our teacher's lounge has a Keurig. Will definitely be putting some of these in my desk drawer for afternoon pick me ups.

I'm loving some of my recent fall fashion loves.

But I'm not loving that it's financially impossible to buy all the cute clothes I love this season.

I'm loving the gorgeous flowers my sweet husband brought home for me just because he wanted me to know he appreciated me. I sure do love that man :)

Happy Wednesday lovelies!


  1. Love that nail polish color! Beautiful flowers too :)

  2. Your husband is most definitely a keeper, and I need to go out and get this pink breast cancer awareness color. I aboslutely love it!

  3. pretty blog!
    following you GFC :)

  4. So sweet on the flowers. I paid $3.69 at BJs for premium today, I think. It's still expensive to us in NC.


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