Thursday, November 15, 2012

Thoughts for Thursday

Hi lovelies!

I can't believe I've abandoned my blog for a whole week. I have been a busy girl. I haven't even had time to grocery shop. Dinner has been really creative this week at the W household ;)

Our gas service has been restored so we have hot showers, heat, and are able to use our dryer and stove again. We even have cable and internet {sometimes} so life is almost back to normal. We tried to take Riley for a walk on Saturday and about four blocks down the street I looked down and noticed he was covered with black grit. Not to mention, he'd been trying to eat any debris he could get his little chomps on. So back to the apartment we went and he is limited to just the dog run in our building until some kind of city wide cleanup is completed.

Work has been keeping me busy as well. I am still absolutely loving my new job. I went to a workshop about Guided Math and have been busy getting materials ready to pilot this in my classroom after Thanksgiving.

Speaking of Thanksgiving, my mom will be hear on Wednesday. Unfortunately, my dad can't travel with her for the holiday which has me a little bummed but I'm grateful to have at least one of them with me.

My birthday is on Monday. It's my 25th, which makes me a little sad. I prefer to think of it as the fourth anniversary of my 21st birthday. I think birthdays are more fun with that attitude. ;) Here are a few things on the top of my list...

I'm dying over the Tory Burch Sophie wedge. The perfect shoe - great for work and great for going out. These have been on my list forever!

The Burberry cinched waist quilted jacket. I love this jacket - so smart that it can be dressed up or down and I love this color. The neutral shade will go with everything.

I'm loving peplum this year. I'm loving this peplum sweater by Loft. Wouldn't it look great with black skinnies for work?

What's on your wish list right now?


  1. Yay happy early birthday! I got some Tory heels sorta like those last year for my birthday and I live in them for work. Classics and I can even live in them in the airport!

  2. I have the peplum sweater from loft! It's great.

  3. Glad you have all your electricity back! Dang, that sucks!

    Beautiful shoe pick, I have been wanting those for a while too!


    Happy Holidays!


  4. so glad to hear your life is returning to normal!

  5. I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving and a happy early birthday!


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