Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Hairdryer 911

Yesterday morning, as I was finishing up drying my hair before work, I saw it. All of you ladies know what I'm talking about - that tiny coil inside your hair dryer that's glowing bright red. A tell-tale sign that your hair dryer is about to die and start barreling smoke at any moment. Of course, this usually happens to me when my hair is only a quarter of the way dry and I'm running late for work when it is {literally} freezing outside.

So I know what I have to do. It is time to shell out the cash to purchase a new hairdryer. Ulta, here I come. Unfortunately, I have no idea what model I want to purchase. That is where I'm hoping you all can help.

I have very long hair so I need something that is powerful and will help dry my mane quickly. But, my hair is also very fine and therefore prone to breakage, so I need something that protects against this and has an adjustable heat setting. A cold shot button is also a must to help prevent fly aways.

I've heard really good things about the HANAair professional dryer from lots of you bloggers but don't know if its right for me. Its also hard for me to commit to a $200 dryer without being able to try one first and my salon uses a different brand.

I've also read some really awesome things about T3's featherweight 2 hairdryer. Has anyone tried this? I've heard it does wonders to increase shine and reduce frizz. Again, a pretty heft price tag, though.  But, I do love that it comes in white. So chic.

I'm also considering the Ultra Chi Red Pro Dryer. I've been partial to Chi since I purchased my straightener my sophomore year of college. This model has great reviews online but not quite as good as the previous two. I'm not a huge fan of the red, either, but it is more reasonably priced.

Have you tried any of these dryers? Do you have another recommendation for me? Bonus points if its pink. Double bonus points if its on sale.

Happy Tuesday girls! xo


  1. I am absolutely no help here. I'm still using the same hair dryer I got when I was a senior in high school...and I could care less what it did besides dry my hair without getting too hot then. lol

    I just can't move myself to spend a lot of money on a hair dryer. Which is weird because I do with curlers and straighteners.

  2. Super Solano is the absolute best, handsdown, hairdryer I've ever had. I think they run around $150. Powerful, light, and they last forever.

  3. So glad you posted this. I'm in the market for a new hairdryer too and was reading another blog post about them yesterday. Apparently the Ultra Power Professional Hair Dryer by Hair Envy is really good and it is on sale right now for $99 on hairenvy.com. that is what I am leaning towards

  4. A few years ago I got a T3 hairdryer and while I loved it, it didn't even last a year before it died. I went back to read reviews about the T3 hairdryer on Sephora's website and this had apparently happened to a lot of people. Granted, this was a few years ago and maybe the T3 dryers are better now, but I haven't bought from that brand since.

  5. I recently used my boyfriend's mom's Bio-Ionic Travel Pro dryer and loved it (http://www.amazon.com/Bio-Ionic-Travel-Pro-Hair-Dryer/dp/B000HWT7XC). Its compact because it is designed for traveling, but it dried my hair so quickly and it felt like I had a professional blowout. I would highly recommend!

  6. I am OBSESSED with my T3. I've had it since July and my hair is so much healthier since switching. I've found it really helps with frizz and shine as well. Well worth the money. Ended up buying my mom one for Christmas because she loved mine so much!

  7. There is no question - T3. I've had mine for probably 4-5 years. You have to clean the filter. It's worth every single penny. I just received the Hana dryer to review and I need to do the review but I HATED it. It doesn't get nearly hot enough. I gave it to two of my friends to try and they hated it too.

  8. You might be able to find a Pink T3 at TJ Maxx! I have seen them there before. I have seen both the Chi and T3 brands there, you could buy it and give it a try and if you don't like it bring it back.

    I dropped my Hana and it's making crazy noises. I was able to fix it, not sure how long it will last. I love it, and think if I broke it would splurge on a new one. It's so powerful and dries my hair faster than anything else I have tried. Con - it's heavy.

  9. It seems that hair dryers go out and the most terrible times.


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