Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Hitched: the Ceremony

I'm sure by now you thought I'd abandoned my efforts to recap our wedding but I decided to get back to it today with another post in the Hitched series. Today, I'm focusing on our ceremony, which was held at the church I grew up in.

My mom made those awesome wreathes on the doors.

Our guestbook was a photobook with our engagement photos. I totally recommend this for brides to be because you will actually look at it again.

My dad and I right before the ceremony, the last ones left in the fellowship hall. Aside from our photographer, of course.

I chose simple pew florals of hydrangeas and roses for the reserved seating.

Every other pew on Corey's side had a picture of him as a child. Starting with a baby photo at the back and ending with his senior picture at the front.
And my side had pictures of me as a child.

I think my church is such a beautiful old church with so much character so I opted for simple alter arrangements of hydrangeas and soft pink roses. I think they were just perfect.

Our sweet flowergirl and ring bearer. Aren't the tiny basket and pillow precious?

Waiting for the doors to open!

Then, it was finally time! My dad was nervous but I was just so excited!

Love the look on Corey's face in this picture!

I decorated our unity candle set. I love it.

We did it!!

Looking at each other and thinking, "Wow, we're married!"

Asking Corey, "Do you know what you just did?" Ha!

Both sets of parents. Mine on the left and Corey's on the right.

I'm throwing this one in because I just love it and don't know if I've shared it yet. This antique cameo was a gift to my mom from my dad and was my something old.


  1. Beautiful...great inspiration for planning my big day! I am hoping to order my dress this week! xx

  2. Your pictures are beautiful! I have to say, my favorite moment in the ceremony is seeing the groom's face when he first sees the bride, so I love that your photographer captured that!

  3. I love your church! Mine is very traditional as well and very ornate, so I feel the same way about the flowers - they're really all I need and they have to be simple enough as to not take away from the church itself. You look stunning btw!

  4. Such a beautiful wedding, Elizabeth. It really was perfect.

  5. I love the picture idea!!! So cute and creative!!


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