Monday, January 21, 2013

Monday, Monday!

Happy Monday, girls! Today's Monday has been pretty amazing since Corey and I are both off work. We slept in, headed to the gym for a great workout, and now he's getting some work done while I stalk all your blogs clean and do laundry. ;)

Yesterday was a really pretty 50 degree day and we saw the sun for what felt like the first time in ages. We headed out for a long walk with Riley and then watched football in the afternoon. Today it is freezing and overcast again. And the forecast for this week is pretty depressing. See... 

I'm feeling majorly homesick for the Carolinas right now.  You won't hear a peep out of me about feeling chilly on a 50 degree day ever again. 

I'm still wearing sweaters and sweater dresses pretty much everyday. Here are some recent work OOTD's. 
Casual Friday. Lilly Pulitzer sweater, Tory revas, and J.Crew jeans

I've shared this outfit before but tried it with a different statement necklace last week. I loved the look.

 This is the perfect teacher dress because it is an appropriate length and has a pocket. From a boutique in Hoboken and paired with my Tory revas and tights. 

It snowed last week. It was really this disgusting snow/icy slush mixture. I bundled Riley up in one of his puffer coats for our morning walk.
Sometimes I feel super guilty because Riley cries whenever I leave for work. He has major separation anxiety. I keep telling my husband that in the summer, when we move to a larger space, we're going to have to adopt another dog to keep him company. I want another Cavalier but the shedding from one drives me crazy. Corey wants a more masculine dog. I was playing around on Pinterest one evening last week and came across this:
Its a Cavapoo - a hybrid mix of a poodle and a Cavalier King Charles. They have a super sweet temperament similar to Riley's but they generally don't shed. Now, how in the world do I convince my husband?? 

Have a great Monday, girls!


  1. Sammy doesn't cry but he gives me the most pitiful face when I leave. He will cry though if I don't say goodbye to him. It's so weird.

    Love the Cavapoo, so cute!!

  2. Ahhh cavapoos are so, so cute! I pinned the same picture.
    And with the weather: it could be worse! It is 0 here today and in the negatives with the windchill! :)

  3. Cavapoos are cute. I like that.

    Hope you are well. We are in for 30 degrees tomorrow in Raleigh.

  4. I want a cavapoo!!!! Must tell Mr. C right now! Love your LP sweater! And this week's forecast depresses me too :(

  5. That cavapoo...soo cute! We had gorgeous weather this weekend too--don't know how it could take such a cold turn for the worse so quickly!

  6. WHERE IS THE ARGYLE DRESS FROM?! And that last dog is sooo cute! Although I don't know if Corey is going to think that he's masculine enough haha. Fingers crossed that he does!


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