Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A Weekend Recap

Happy Tuesday, y'all! This is one of those crazy busy weeks where I'm feeling a little frazzled. Do y'all ever have weeks like that? 

Corey and I had a really fun weekend this weekend. We headed to Yankee Stadium on Friday night for a game. I didn't take one single picture because it was FREEZING (ok, maybe not freezing but only like 40 degrees) so my hands stayed firmly in my coat pockets all night. Will spring ever arrive in NYC??

We had a few drinks with friends afterwards and were home by midnight because I had to wake up bright and early to take the Praxis PLT on Saturday because I am up for recertification in South Carolina (wow, three years went by quickly!). I don't want to let it lapse even though we don't live there just in case I'm ever able to convince my husband to move home. ;)

Corey went golfing while I took my test. Then, we made a delicious dinner at home. Corey made steak and we had bean salad, baked potatoes, and strawberry short cake. And pinot noir, of course. It was a great, relaxing night in.

On Sunday, we headed to the lower east side to Pizza a Casa, a pizza school. Now, Corey and I can make delicious pizza at home. Which will be great if we ever move because I am now a major pizza snob after living so close to the city for two years. We even made the dough and sauce from scratch.
Our cute pizza stations

Official pizza chef

One of my creations. Yum!

Corey and one of his pizzas

This was so much fun and I would definitely recommend it for tourists, too, if you're planning to visit the city this summer. 

Then we came home and prepared for the work week and loved on this guy. Doesn't that face make your heart melt?

Happy Tuesday, lovelies!


  1. 40 degrees is definitely freezing in my book! BRR! That pizza making class looks SO fun, I'm going to have to see if the good ole peach state offers that!

  2. NYC pizza making class, what a great idea! I will have to do that if I end up there on tour this summer!

    Nifty Nomad

  3. omg I would love to try that class with my boyfriend!

  4. I am playing catch up, and have read all your posts. Happy Traveling, and I love SkinnyTaste, too.


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