Friday, April 19, 2013

Friday Confessions

Happy Friday, lovelies! Somehow I survived this crazy, hectic week. Hopefully you did too and are looking ahead to a fun weekend. I'm kicking my weekend off with a few confessions.

I confess...that I have had about 14 cups of coffee since Monday. Caffeine overload.

I confess...I haven't been going to the gym everyday and I am disappointed in myself for getting out of my routine. Maybe I'll get back on track over the weekend?

I confess...that the security situation in the NYC area right now is making me really nervous. I'm considering staying in my apartment until further notice.

I confess...that I ate a Bojangles biscuit on my quick trip on Wednesday and it was delicious. I miss the South.

I confess...that I am about to cry if we don't get some warm, spring weather this week. Brr!!!

I confess...that I'm having a hard time being patient right now - at a time when a lot of patience is required of me.

What do you confess? Join in on Leslie's blog!

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  1. Pahaha! This post makes me laugh! Life has been crazy busy lately, so I can so relate. ;)



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