Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Home is Where Your Husband Is

I happened upon this pin on Ms. Mia Maree's blog about a year ago and its something that's been on my mind ever since. I really like being here this time of year when the weather is starting to be nicer. There are sidewalk tables set up on all the restaurant patios and street festivals to wander through in Manhattan.  I like living minutes from Manhattan for all the entertainment and delicious food it has to offer. But it is not home.

We're in this place where we know we'll be moving this summer but we don't know all the specifics yet. We could move out to the suburbs and have a lot more space. Corey could be transferred with his job. We could be sent a lot closer to home - or a lot further away.

Family is so important to me so I feel like I often struggle being far away from my parents, especially because I am an only child. I feel guilt for not being able to see them on every holiday and for missing birthdays and Mother's Days and Father's Days.

When I feel bummed or lost, I find myself thinking about the road that led me to where I am. When I started this blog, I'd already accepted that I was moving to New Jersey and that I was leaving my home, my friends, my school behind.  When Corey was offered his current job in New Jersey he asked for my input and selfishly I wanted to throw a temper tantrum and tell him he shouldn't take it. But, I knew it was good for his career, so I said I supported him 110%. (Ok, maybe I said I supported him 90%).

I helped him pack up his house and booked some plane tickets in advance so I could come visit. Then, in the following months I went to my grad classes, went to work every day, and was sick missing him. I tried to have as many father-daughter lunch dates as possible, as many wine nights with my mom as I could, and lots of shopping and dinner dates with my friends. Then, the day after I completed my master's coursework, I headed here to New Jersey and got settled into our new home.  Its been a lot of fun living here but there have definitely been many, many times where I was in tears feeling homesick for all the people back home-home that I love and miss. No matter what, though, I know I'm right where I'm supposed to be. Its difficult to be patient and content at times, but I never feel more homesick than I do when I'm away from my sweet husband.  I know that my home, truly is, wherever he is (and Riley, too, of course).

So now, as things fall together for our future, I try to remind myself to be patient over the coming month. It will all work out and when it does, I'll never have an Empire State Building view from my living room or be able to be eating dinner in a sidewalk cafe in the West Village in under 30 minutes ever again, so I might as well enjoy every second of it.


  1. Great post!! We are in the EXACT same boat, girlfriend! I moved to Pittsburgh almost four (!) years ago and it was and still is the hardest I've ever done. I wouldn't trade my husband for it, though. Missing my friends and family is a daily struggle. And I cannot stand not having a go-to person to come just shop/coffee/wine/whine with me, someone where I can just knock on their door and come sit on their couch for a few minutes. I feel you, but it is just a season! xoxo

  2. I still have that print displayed right in my living room! I completely know how you feel girl. My heart hurts that I'm away from my family, but I really do love being in NC with my husband. I think you have a great attitude about it and will definitely be thinking about you this month!


  3. Love this! We are also in a "could be moving far away in a month" place and it's super scary! As much as I don't like living where we are, I keep trying to think about all the happy memories we've had here in our first year of marriage. I can't wait to see where you and I end up in the next few months!

  4. I am a Jersey girl, schooled in New England, living in Virginia. I miss being up North all the time for a number of reasons but if I was not with my Hubby I would be lost!


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