Monday, April 8, 2013

Misc. on Monday

Happy Monday, girls! I hope everyone had a great weekend. We sure did! On Friday, we headed to happy hour, dinner, and then out with friends. It was lots of fun and I wore my new bow-back blouse and was feeling a little sassy. ;) 

On Saturday morning, we took Riley for a four mile walk. He got absolutely filthy and needed a bath immediately after but had such a good time. And it was even a little nice outside. Usually, I get a major ear ache from the cold and wind off the river but the weather is finally starting to improve here. 

Its even going to get into the 70's this week. See.... (and then promptly back into the 50's. ugh.)

Corey's mom has been in town visiting with his grandmother while she had surgery. We went out to dinner with her on Saturday and then dropped her off at the airport to head back to sunny Florida. I am jealous. 

I then insisted that we get my favorite treat on the way home. Fro-yo.

I ran errands and tried to get my life in order on Sunday. I got a good workout in and lathered up with some Tan Towels so I feel very refreshed (and bronze) for the week ahead. Hehe. 

I made all the meals on my meal plan last week. I was very impressed with myself. So was Corey. I was also very impressed with the recipes I tried - thank goodness for Pinterest, which allows me to constantly wow my husband with new recipes. I'll have to post them here soon.

I've been super creative lately and have been adding to my TpT store left and right so if you're a teacher (especially if you're a Daily 5 lover like me) head on over immediately. 

I was, as I'm sure many of you were as well, heartbroken to hear Lilly Pulitzer passed away yesterday. 

"The Lilly girl is always full of surprises.
She lives everyday like its a celebration.
Never has a dull moment,
And makes every hour a happy hour."

Linking up with Sami today for the first time. Head on over to her blog to link up your own weekend recap.


  1. No pictures in the bow blouse!? :)

    I almost made everything on our menu last week too, I'm always surprised and shocked when that happens. haha

  2. Happy Monday! It's almost 80 degrees here today.


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