Wednesday, April 17, 2013

What I'm Wearing Wednesday

Happy Wednesday, friends! I hope everyone is having a good week so far. It is pretty crazy over here this week. Not only is my work schedule insane this week but I'm actually traveling today. I'm flying out early this morning and will be coming right back. So things are hectic! But...I should have some time in the airport to read your blogs and catch up. :)

By some miracle, I put together a cohesive post today. As I was organizing my things last night for my trip, I was a little concerned that this would go live with just the button and linky and no actual outfits. I haven't taken a single outfit photo this week, though, so that might actually happen next week.
New Jersey graced us with a single 70 degree day last week. I pulled out this Lilly shirtdress and my jacks. I just love the combo of the stripes with polka dotted belt. 

It got colder right away again, unfortunately. These are my beloved BR sloan skinnies and the peplum top is from Loft. That monogram necklace hails from Petal boutique in Charlotte. 

I shared a similar outfit to this on my one jacket three ways post. The blazer and pants are from Loft. I prefer skinnies with blazers but my khaki skinnies were at the cleaners. The wedges are Tory Burch's Caroline wedge and I adore them.

I have to say that any variation of this outfit for work is my favorite. So simple and comfy. Navy BR skinnies and a striped tee also from Banana Republic. And Tory Revas - the most comfortable flat on the planet. I even fixed my hair for work this morning, which is highly unusual lately. 

Ok ladies - give me something to read at the airport. Link up your favorite OOTD's below. Have a fabulous Wednesday!


  1. I love that shirtdress! I'll finally be able to link up next week - tomorrow is my first day at our new office so no more working at home!


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