Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A little update!

Happy Tuesday friends! Hopefully you all enjoyed a fabulous long weekend. Its hard to believe it is the last week in May. It is still cold here and now it is time for summer vacation. Crazy! I thought I hit the jackpot when I moved to a school with air conditioning this year and it hasn't been warm enough to need it yet. Ironically, it did get warm for about four days. I took a leap of faith and packed all my long sleeves and jackets and now I am freezing!
Speaking of packing...we are making some major progress. Pretty much everything is packed now aside from the bathroom and my makeup. I'm living out of suitcases right now. As you can see, Riley is stressing a little over the move. I think he is worried we will forget him. Not a chance.

My husband is officially a resident of Charlotte now and is off to San Diego for a business trip this week. This is very convenient since our apartment in Charlotte has no furniture yet. Our movers are coming this week and then Riley and I will be off to Corey's parent's house. 

We bought a second car. Corey sold his car when we moved to Hoboken since we only really needed one and having a car here is really expensive (an extra 250 dollars a month in parking.) One car will not cut it in Charlotte so we purchased a Honda Pilot. Corey LOVES it! It is so big compared to my little Jetta but I am thankful for the extra space. I told him we can use it to pick up that Pier 1 headboard I mentioned on Friday and I think I've almost convinced him.

We had a little going away lunch with Corey's aunts and cousins down by the beach last week. It was a scalding 85 degree day (one of only four we've had so far this spring) so we stopped for Italian ice with custard. I've really taken a liking to this since we moved to New Jersey. Hopefully there's a Rita's close by in Charlotte.

We also had a going away dinner with two of our closest friends in Hoboken. We went to Zafra, my favorite Latin restaurant and then out for a few drinks. We'll definitely miss these guys!

We've been to a happy hour almost every night recently to say goodbye to different groups of people. We are really excited but it is also a little emotional too. 

We say Lucky Guy on Broadway with Corey's parents on Friday. This stars Tom Hanks. We didn't love the play but Tom Hanks did a great job. 

In other news, I got a new phone yesterday. Clearly, it was out of necessity. Also, PSA, Marley Lilly's adorable monogram cases don't protect against everything. I've been eligible for an upgrade since December but was completely happy with my iPhone 4 - plus google maps has saved my life countless times in the city. Unfortunately this ate up all my Memorial Day shopping money but at least I can use instagram again. Follow me here.

Its crazy to believe I'll be in Charlotte next week. While this is a natural time to leave work for a teacher, I do find myself becoming really emotional about leaving my district and really sad not to be returning next year. I'm also really excited to see where life takes me next year. I don't have a job in Charlotte yet but I've been really fortunate to have already been contacted for a couple interviews in the area. Keep your fingers crossed for me! 

Happy Tuesday! 


  1. Good luck with the move and your interviews!!! That Italian ice with custard looks amazing!

  2. Good luck with your move!! And I love the Pilot! It's what I really want to get once I upgrade to an SUV. :)

    Following you now on Instagram!

  3. You're probably in the middle of the move right now. So excited that you are coming down South again. :)


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