Thursday, May 2, 2013

Coffee and Conversation

Hi there, lovelies!

Corey went out for drinks with a college friend last night and I stayed home and did laundry and ran the dishwasher and all those really fun things that have to be done around the apartment. Then, I made a glass of wine and a grilled cheese sandwich for dinner and settled down to catch up on some blogs. I was trying to decide what I wanted to write about today and decided I really didn't feel like sharing my favorite spring sandals or latest beauty finds. I was feeling more like writing random so enter "coffee and conversation," where I'm going to write the random stuff I would tell my girlfriends on a coffee date.

Corey and I are obsessed with watching new tv shows on Netflix. When we can't find anything else to watch, we fire up Netflix on our Apple TV and pick out a new show to watch. We've watched all the episodes of Mad Men and House of Cards and have now settled into Weeds, which I think is hilarious. I told him he better take good care of himself so I never have to become a drug dealer to take care of our future kids. This show is funny and so sad at the same time. 

I have been in major Martha Stewart mode recently. I have been cooking so much and have actually made it through my meal plans the last couples weeks. I've even gotten creative and invented a couple new recipes of my own. Except for last night, when I had wine with a side of grilled cheese. 

I'm loving the song "A Million Lives" by Jake Miller lately. Have you heard it? It makes me smile every time I hear it - which luckily is on my way to work almost every morning. Thank you satellite radio.

Speaking of music, let's take a moment to discuss Ray J's new song, "I Hit it First." I seriously cannot keep a straight face when I hear this song. Perhaps this is the only song where the video was made first? ;)  I would really like to condone Ray J for writing such a disrespectful song and vow not to listen to it, but I can't help but find it hilarious. The lyrics are oh so clever "I had her head going north and her going south. But now baby chose to go West." If you want to see the official video with the Kim K. look alike, you can find that here. I have to say I was really impressed that Kim and Kanye took the high road about the whole situation. Take that Ray J. 

I've made no effort to keep it a secret that I am displeased that the spring weather has not arrived in New Jersey yet. It is still chilly and I am having a serious problem choosing outfits for work. In the Carolinas, spring is so short that I don't have enough in-between clothes. This should give me a great excuse to shop, except that I am trying to save money. Boo.

Happy Thursday, girls!


  1. My family goes through netflix tv shows like water. When I was home for winter break they were watching Weeds


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