Friday, May 24, 2013

Five on Friday!

Happy Friday, lovelies! Today I am linking up with April for the first Five on Friday linkup. I am so so thankful today is Friday. While things are a little stressful lately as we prepare for our move, there are lots of things I am loving right now. Here are five of them:

I'm loving that our apartment (and my classroom) are mostly packed. I also kind of hate this because boxes are packed to the ceiling but it also makes me feel very accomplished. Corey leaves tomorrow morning at 3 am so it is really nice to not have to feel panicked as how I will get everything done in time.

I'm loving that the weather finally feels like spring. I wore a sweater to work on Monday and then was able to wear short sleeves the rest of the week. I even wore shorts to happy hour last night. I know that we'll probably be skipping spring all together this year since it already feels pretty much like summer in Charlotte.

I'm loving this upholstered headboard from Pier 1. It is perfect for our guest room in our new apartment. I like how pretty yet simplistic it is. I'm working really hard (on a daily basis) to convince my husband to let me purchase it. The bedding isn't so much my taste but that headboard is perfect.

I'm loving this maxi J. Crew factory dress. Maxi dresses never look quite right on me which is so disappointing because this dress is adorable. I love the chevron and teal with blue.

I'm loving all the time we've gotten to spend with friends and family this week. We've had a couple going away dinners (very convenient since we already packed the kitchen) and happy hours with friends. Tonight we're headed into Manhattan to see a play and have dinner with Corey's parents. I have some girls' nights planned next week, too, once Corey has gone.  I'm so glad that we've had time to spend with our friends before we don't get to see them often anymore.

Happy Friday, girls!


  1. One of my best friends has that maxi dress and it's so cute! I'm the same way though, maxi dresses look really weird on me.

  2. I couldn't agree more about the headboard! We have talked about getting a new one (we have a wooden sleigh bed now) and that's the exact look we're considering. Pier 1 has really upped their game!

    Good luck with the move ... YAY! So excited!

  3. It's reverted back to more spring like weather here for us this past week. I can't wait til it warms up some so I can break out my shorts again!

  4. I think I need that maxi dress!!! And that headboard is to die for. I love Pier 1!!!

    Happy long weekend! :)

  5. Happy Friday, Elizabeth. I've been behind lately and need to catch up.


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