Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Happy Tuesday, lovelies! Surely you've noticed I've been totally MIA over the past two weeks. If you read Friday's post, then you know why I have been so busy! Corey and I are very excited about our move, which is happening in just a few weeks and we've been busy in Hoboken trying to make use of our time while we are still here. 

Hoboken had an Arts and Music festival two weekends ago. It was filled with lots of great food and handmade goods. 
I enjoyed this amazing crab cake sandwich. This photo is awful (my iPhone is seriously sucking lately) but it was too good not to document. The line at this vendor was the longest at the festival so I knew the sandwich was going to be awesome and it really was.

We also purchased this piece of artwork for our future home and as a little memento of our time in Hoboken. It is a carved piece of wood and I just love it. 

I went on a super fast trip to find a new apartment and was oh so happy that Chick-fil-A had their peach milkshake. Yum! I am looking forward to some delicious Southern peaches in the near future.

Speaking of the new apartment, here's a sneak peak of the model.
Loving the kitchen. I can totally see myself entertaining here and it is much prettier and more spacious than our current kitchen.

My favorite thing about this bedroom is that there is so much space between the bed and dresser. Our apartment in Hoboken is a "luxury" building and I've been really happy with it, especially compared to many of our friends teeny tiny apartments. But, every morning we have to squeeze between the footboard and dresser to move around our room. And no more NYC sized closets - a walk-in for each of us!
On Mother's Day we had lunch with Corey's parents and grandma. I had a "Cocoberrytini," which was phenomenal. It was coconut rum, guava nectar, and blackberries. I'll definitely try to replicate this at some point.

I'll be sharing more details about our move later this week. Don't forget that tomorrow is the third Wednesday of the month so Kerri and I will be hosting What I'm Wearing Wednesday. We hope you'll join-in!


  1. Can't wait to hear more details on where yall are moving!

  2. That looks like a gorgeous apartment! Our first apartment was so incredibly spacious in the bedroom, I loved it!


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