Friday, May 17, 2013

Working Girl Watch

I'd be completely lost at work without my watch. I rely on it all day long to get me and my sweet third graders where we need to be. While I love my watch, it is ancient. It is a really gorgeous Pulsar with a pink mother of pearl face and a diamond bezel. I worked jewelry retail for years and remember staring at it for two months when we got it in stock at our store. It really is a lovely watch. Useful but also a piece of jewelry. It still works beautifully but at seven and a half years old, I'm really ready to upgrade. Or maybe just update, since all of my favorites are actually less expensive. (That really never happens with me. I'm sure my husband is proud.)

I also love this two toned Kate Spade Cooper Watch with rose gold instead of traditional yellow.
Clearly this isn't the kind of watch you can wear every day but I do love it. So fun, perfectly me, and I love how it is almost like a bangle.

My jewelry retail trained self does tell me not to buy a fashion watch like these but to get another quality timepiece but I'm finding that difficult. Aren't these all gorgeous?  What watch do you wear  to work?


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  2. I like those Michael Kors watches! I have had the same watch for YEARS. I got it at Kohl's and it's silver and gold so it matches everything. I love it, but I'm thinking I'm ready for something new! I don't tihnk you can go wrong with any of these though!

  3. That tortoise shell watch is to die for...loving it!


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