Monday, June 24, 2013

Misc. Monday

Happy Monday, friends! How was your weekend?

Corey and I had a super busy and fun weekend. All week last week, I worked to finish up our guest room. Y'all, I totally furnished the entire thing (new mattress and furniture and all) and decorated it for about $700. I'm totally impressed with my thrifty-ness. I picked up a dresser and nightstand from the Salvation Army. My husband thought I was totally nuts until it came out looking like this:

More details on our little guest room re-do soon. It was finished just in time because three of our friends from Greenville came into town for the weekend. It was nice to spend time with them over the weekend. We headed to the Epicenter on Friday night for a really late dinner and drinks. Then, on Saturday, we headed to the boat and grilled out later that evening.

Sunday was spent relaxing and neatening up the apartment. Then, we had a kickball game and grilled out at our friends' new house afterwards. The weekend was jam packed but so, so fun.

I announced on my teaching blog yesterday that I'll be teaching 5th grade gifted and talented this coming year.  While I'm sad to leave 3rd grade, I'm also so, so excited to try something new. I was offered a job on my second day in Charlotte and feel so fortunate as this is a tough time for teachers. 

I scored this Kate Spade bag in a 70% off flash sale and started carrying it over the weekend. I just love the contrast of the super bright coral with the natural fabric. I have just been loving wearing summer clothes these past couples weeks. WIWW is back next week so snap away those OOTD's!

Happy Monday!


  1. Oh my gosh that dresser! I need to start going to SA evidently! I've been looking on Craigs Lis but it just isn't as cheap.

  2. That purse!! TDF. Congrats on your new job, too!!

  3. Love the new purse!

    You are on top of decorating! Our house is still very much a WIP, a year and a half later! haha I'm extremely picky though since I have everything in mind that I want, which isn't ideal. I'm hoping to hit up a weekend of shopping for our First Fridays here in KC next weekend to get some stuff. Here's to hoping!

  4. That's awesome. You did a great job, and congrats on the new job.

  5. Wow! I really like that bag. Great find!


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