Wednesday, June 5, 2013

What I'm Wearing Wednesday

Happy Wednesday, friends! I {again} have been a little slack with taking outfit pics. This time its because I currently don't have a full length mirror - which makes it very difficult. Things are going well on the moving front although a little chaotic right now. Now that I'm leaving the cold weather behind, I'm looking forward to debuting some new outfits around these parts. Today, I have three for you. 
I love outfits like this. So simple and comfy. BR Sloan Skinnies, Loft tee, Tory Burch Revas. The monogram necklace is from Petal Boutique in Charlotte. 

I was super excited it was finally warm enough that I could wear this blouse. It is the Iona Shell by Lilly Pulitzer. I paired it with my navy BR sloan skinnies and Jacks. I just love how bright this outfit is. On a side note, notice how much our room changed in a few days - no curtains, no artwork left. 

I was super excited when I was able to wear shorts to a happy hour. I almost didn't post this photo because I'd already packed my straightener so I didn't style my hair whatsoever. The shorts are by Lilly Pulitzer. I paired it with a simple necklace and a white tee from Loft. My bag is Kate Spade and the sandals are Jacks. 

I'm hoping my new iphone will take better quality OOTD pictures. We'll see whenever I'm settled in and have a mirror again. Have a great Wednesday loves!  


  1. Loft has the best tees and you wear them so well! I need to remember to take more outfit photos!

  2. Shorts!!! Love it! :) And jealous. Hoping to finally bust mine out this weekend when it warms back up! Mid to low 70s is just not shorts weather IMO.


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