Thursday, August 29, 2013

Thoughts for Thursday

How in the world is it Thursday already?? This week has totally flown by. I'm excited for the weekend but feeling a little stressed with all the things that must be done before I head home tomorrow afternoon.  My brain is not accustomed to getting only six and a half hours of sleep yet so I've been having a really difficult time putting together a coherent post this week. Sorry, friends. Here are some random thoughts for this Thursday.

I'm kind of excited that it is almost Fall. Usually I'm a little depressed to put away the seersucker and bright colors but my classroom is so cold that I'm excited for it to officially be sweater season. I always end up wearing a cardigan in school all day and then forgetting to take it off when I head out to my car and feel like I'm about to die of heat stroke.

Although I thought they didn't make their annual debut until Tuesday, rumor has it that Pumpkin Spice Lattes are already out at a certain Starbucks in Charlotte. You better believe I'll be investigating over the weekend.
I'm really liking the peter pan collar trend right now. I just picked out my first piece and am super excited. I love how feminine the collar looks and it is just perfect for work. I love this peter pan collar tee from J. Crew factory.

I really love that football season kicks off this weekend. Corey and I and a few friends will be going to the Clemson v. UGA game this weekend. I seriously love football season and am excited to wear my orange seersucker dress once before Labor Day.

Speaking of labor day, the thought of a three day weekend has me giddy excited. We've had a great start to the school year but I am completely exhausted. If you need me this weekend (aside from the game and tailgate) I will be sleeping.

Riley has been a little mischievous since I've started back school. I think he is upset that we aren't spending as much time with him. He's been going through the laundry and he strung our trash across the floor yesterday. We had my cousin over for dinner and when I went into the kitchen for something, I looked back at the table and Riley was sitting in the chair like he was a person. I guess he didn't want to be left out - spoiled as can be! Extra snuggles for this little nugget this weekend.

What are your thoughts today?

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Tailgating Treats

Happy Tuesday, friends! Life has been pretty crazy around here recently as my kiddos and I have been getting adjusted to the start of the school year. Life has been so busy that I'd almost forgotten that college football season kicks off this weekend. Corey and I and several friends will be going to the Clemson game and of course I was wracking my brain (and Pinterest boards) to decide what to bring.

Here are so easy - and delicious tailgating options.

What are your favorite game day treats?

Friday, August 23, 2013

5 on Friday

Happy Friday, friends!

I'm linking up with four fabulous ladies for 5 on Friday and boy, am I glad today is Friday. Its been a busy week but I have a lot to love today.

I'm loving all the sweet kiddos that are in my class this year. It has been fun {and exhausting} getting to know them and getting all settled into our routine this week. And we all survived, so that's number two!

I'm loving that I am not setting the alarm clock tonight. I will NOT be waking up at 4:55/5:00 tomorrow like I have the rest of the week. I have planned through next Wednesday so I am sleeping as much as possible and relaxing this weekend.

I'm loving the teacher sale happening at J.Crew factory this weekend. I'm trying to convince my husband to take a trip to the outlets. I mean....back to school clothes are a necessity right?

I'm loving that we got an email that construction will be starting on our house in the next couple weeks. I am beyond excited about this and have picked out all new furniture already. How to convince my husband, though?!

I promise to post more frequent, coherent post next week - after I have had some sleep! :)

In the meantime, happy, happy Friday!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Wednesday loves! {back-to-school edition}

Happy Wednesday friends! Today is the first day of school for my class of fifth graders. I've been busy preparing for them {all 55!} for the past three weeks, which is why I have been nowhere to be found in the blog world. My apologies - I promise to be better next week once we're all adjusted. 

On that note, today I'm loving that the school year is officially starting. I'm excited to get into a routine with my new group of kids. Here's a little sneak peak of my room during the "getting ready" process. It looks more finished now. 

On a similar note, I'm loving that pay day is this Friday. It has been a long, long time friends since my last paycheck from my school in New Jersey and my bank account is ready!

Speaking of pay day, J.Crew is having a back to school sale with an extra 25% off for teachers. I am definitely loving this. Teacher friends, I will see you at the mall on Saturday. 

And, girls, that is it for my back to school loves. I hope you're having a fabulous week. 

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Anniversary Weekend Recap

On Sunday, Corey and I celebrated our first anniversary. Really, we celebrated all weekend. Corey got some box seats to the Panther's pre-season game from work so I hurried home after working in my classroom on Friday to try to throw together some semi Panthers-appropriate outfit. I'll need to work on this for future games.

Two of our friends came with us and we had so much fun enjoying unlimited food and drinks and meeting some fun people. It was a little difficult to focus on the game from inside, though! 

On Saturday night, Corey and I had dinner at Dressler's. They were so sweet to seat us at a table with a perfect skyline view and start the night off with a glass of champagne. Of course, one glass wasn't enough so we enjoyed a bottle with dinner. We started with a garlic and goat cheese appetizer and french onion soup. Corey was really excited about the soup and it was delicious!

We each had a salad and steak for dinner. They were both so, so good. 

Of course we couldn't say no to a side of macaroni and cheese. (We had tons of left overs to bring home.) We finished the meal off with warm apple cake made by the owner's mother that was just phenomenal. This was by far my favorite meal in Charlotte so far. The feel of the restaurant reminded me a little of one of the steakhouses we loved in Manhattan.

I picked up a backless lace dress from a boutique earlier in the summer. I'd first seen it on Caitlin's blog and loved the open back but didn't fall in love with it until I saw it again months later. I wore the earrings I wore on our wedding day as well as my wedding day Badgley Mischka's.

Sunday was our actual anniversary. We had lots of errands to run and then a pool date with friends before our kickball game. Finally, we enjoyed a little cake. Since our cake was destroyed when we were without power after Hurricane Sandy, our sweet wedding cake baker was so kind to make us a replacement.
Its not the same as having the one from our actual wedding day but I consoled myself by knowing it was fresh and delicious.

It was a perfect anniversary weekend and I am so excited to celebrate many more with my sweet husband. Now, I'm busy getting ready for the start of the school year. This is why I've been a little M.I.A. lately - and will probably continue to be so until school starts next week unfortunately.

Have a great day loves!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

One year.

Today, Corey and I celebrate one year of marriage. Its hard to believe it was one year ago that we said, "I do." Its been such a busy, exciting year and I am so grateful to have the perfect person to share it with.
We enjoyed a perfect honeymoon in Hawaii on the islands of Oahu and Maui.

We returned home to New Jersey where I started a new job, which I absolutely loved, teaching 3rd grade.

Hurricane Sandy hit our home in Hoboken. The entire city, including our building, flooded eight feet. Many of our neighbors lost their homes and cars and so many of our favorite businesses and restaurants lost everything as well. We were so, so fortunate that we only lost the anniversary tier of our wedding cake. Thank goodness for our apartment being on the seventh floor.

I celebrated my first Christmas ever away from my parents.

We escaped the cold, cold winter and had a great vacation in Florida with Corey's parents at their new home.

Corey was offered a new job in Charlotte. It was a dream come true to be able to move closer to my family but many, many tears were shed when I resigned from my school in New Jersey.

We both started new jobs in Charlotte and got settled into our new apartment. Riley loves spending more time outside and gets to play on the grass every day and we're enjoying the slower pace and lower bills!
We purchased our first home. (More to come on this soon, I promise!)

The other day after we had a meeting about cabinets and floors and such, Corey said something about what an established little family we were - having been married for almost a year, raised a sweet dog, and bought our first home. This is so true and its kind of crazy to think about how we went from being a couple to a family over the past year. Someone once told me that on your wedding day is the least in love with your husband you'll ever be.
This seemed totally nuts to me at the time but I think its actually true after all. I fall more and more in
love with Corey every single day and can't wait to celebrate many more anniversaries.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Hitched: The Reception Part 3

I'm finally finishing sharing our wedding photos - almost a year later. On Sunday, Corey and I will celebrate our first anniversary. It seems crazy that this perfect night was almost a year ago. Here are a few of my favorite pictures of the party. 

A sweet moment with my mother-in-law.

There was a minor fight over the bouquet.

My sweet friend, Katie, from my ed classes caught it. 

The cookie buffet was our favor. 

"Oh Pat!," a Kappa tradition. 

I was so blessed to have these fabulous sisters with me on my special day.

A few Clemson friends

Loving on my new husband

My mom

My kappa family

Last dance

We opted for a "silent exit" during the last song since we were staying in the hotel.

Elevator kisses. 

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