Monday, September 16, 2013

Weekend Happenings

Happy Monday, friends! I hope you all had a great weekend. I stayed at school until almost 5:30 on Friday but when I left, I left with absolutely nothing to do over the weekend. It was a good, good feeling as that has not happened yet this year. My big request for a weekend with no responsibilities? To keep things low key and as relaxed as possible.

On Friday, we grilled out and just relaxed. I went to bed surprisingly early and felt so much better when I woke up on Saturday. We ate breakfast at one of our favorite spots, Art's, on Saturday morning and then I forced Corey to drive by our new neighborhood on our way back to our apartment. I make him do this pretty much every Saturday. Its been just a patch of dirt every time we've been by but Saturday we noticed some progress - which had me giddy for the rest of the day.

We headed back to the apartment and picked up Riley to take him to the Whitewater Center for a hike. The weather was finally nice enough that he could walk without getting too overheated.

We rewarded ourself for our workout with a stop at the Biergarten afterwards. I had my first pumpkin beer of the season, which made me a happy, happy girl.

We cooked at home on Saturday night and had some wine. It was a perfect, relaxing evening after weeks and weeks of craziness. On Sunday, my sweet hubby helped me clean every inch of our apartment for the guests we will be hosting the next two weekends. Then, we headed to Midwood Smokehouse for some barbecue. For something we missed so much when we lived in New Jersey, we really haven't had much barbecue since we returned. 

Then, on our way home I spotted this sign.
We were actually on our way to get a Pumpkin Spice Latte across the street at Starbucks when the Rita's sign caught my eye. I just knew I had to have a gelati, which is the Italian ice and custard blend. I would get these maybe 3 or 4 times a year when we lived in New Jersey but they were so, so good so I knew I had to take advantage of the opportunity since we haven't seen many Rita's here. 

Corey dragged me to a sporting goods store on our way home from lunch and I spotted a Michael's in the same shopping center so I popped in to pick up some supplies for my fall wreath. My mom and I got this owl with the intention of making a fall wreath for my old townhouse in Greenville and then I just never got around to it so I spend the rest of my afternoon crafting and relaxing with my hubby and a certain fluffy pup.
Now, our front door is ready for fall. Bring on the fall weather.

What was the highlight of your weekend?


  1. Cute wreath! And Midwood is the best BBQ in Charlotte!

  2. Fun and exciting about the progress on your house!

  3. Going through the building a house journey right now too! I drive by the lot a little too much too haha :)

  4. I still need to do my wreath, it's on my to do list this week!

    And it takes a while for them to get going on the house, but once they'll be surprised how different it'll be each week!

  5. Your wreath is so cute, I need to get more motivated to make one! And how exciting on your house, hopefully it will be up and ready to live in before you know it!

  6. love the wreath! sounds like a great and relaxing weekend

  7. Love love love that wreath! I'm also in love with pumpkin beer and Rita's... so looks like you had a fantastic weekend in my book!! :))

  8. Love the wreath!!! So jealous you had pumpkin beer!

  9. I remember when we first saw footprints on our lot. SUPER exciting!

  10. I remember when we first saw footprints on our lot. SUPER exciting!

  11. I must have missed the post about you all building a house, How exciting. Congrats.


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