Thursday, October 24, 2013

Are you a dog lover?

If you've been reading my blog for any amount of time, then you know Corey and I are pretty obsessed with our sweet Riley. I treat him like he is my child and we just love him to pieces. Riley loves food and treats. He literally scarfs them down so quickly that it can be dangerous. Recently, he nearly choked on a bone so we tossed all the bones and hard, rawhide treats and switched to only soft treats.

If you've been watching the news over the past few days, you've probably seen a story about jerky treats being responsible for the deaths of over 600 dogs across the country. All of these treats are made in China and are distributed by many of the major pet food companies.  When I read an article on this yesterday while I was at work, I couldn't stop thinking about the treats we give Riley and how I never, ever look at the bag to see where they're made. I just pick up the ones by brands I trust or treats that were recommended to me by our vet, breeder, or other Cav owners. We recently got a bag of jerky treats for Riley as an extra special treat that he only gets on rare occasions but I knew the bag was already about half empty. 

The minute I got home yesterday, I went right for the bag of jerky treats and flipped it over to see a teeny tiny "Made in China" label on the back. They went right into the trash but I was totally sick to my stomach thinking we'd been giving something to Riley as a treat that could have killed him. Riley has none of the symptoms (upset stomach, excessive thirst, going to the bathroom more often) of the dogs who were poisoned and I am so, so thankful that he seems to be ok. God must have been looking out for our little family. I wanted to share this with anyone who has a dog. If your dog treats were packaged or produced in China, throw them away immediately. You can read more about the situation herehere, and here.


  1. David had bought a huge bag of Wagon Wheel treats and I immediately tossed them a couple of months ago. Ever since this story went public I always check where Finn's treats are made. All the Dogswell line is made in the good ole USA.

  2. I hated to read this! Poor pups. I don't know what I wouldve done if Sadie had one of those treats.

  3. It makes me so sad to hear about this situation. I would also be so sad if something like that happened to Sammy. But I've switched to the natural treats for him months ago since he has an easily upset stomach. And he loves them way more than the other ones. haha

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