Monday, October 7, 2013

Misc. Monday

Happy Monday, friends. I hope you all had a great weekend. I want to start off today by saying that I so appreciate all of your kind words and prayers last week. It has been so comforting to know so many people, many of who I haven't even met in person, have been thinking about our family. It means so much and I'm working on replying to each of you individually but wanted to go ahead and say a big "thank you" today. 

While I do wish it was for different reasons, I am so thankful that I was able to spend time with family this weekend. My cousins and I are spread out all over the place these days so it was nice to see everyone in one place. 
The girls

We celebrated the life of my cousin, an amazing man who always kept us rolling with laughter at family gatherings and was so proud of protecting the country we all call home. 

We returned home to Charlotte Saturday evening and relaxed with our sweet pup and some Sam Adams Octoberfest. I was totally worn out from the events of the day and went to bed pretty early. Not only had I been in a sour mood for obvious reasons on Saturday morning, but when I went to spray my sweater with Downy wrinkle release just ten minutes before we had to leave for the funeral, the top fell off and a massive amount splashed up into my hair and eyes and I seriously lost every ounce of calm I had left. Bless my sweet husband for being so patient as I threw a temper tantrum while trying to frantically re-do my hair and make up. 
On Sunday, we took Riley for a walk through Freedom Park and the Myers Park neighborhood then headed over to look at our townhouse. Its totally starting to look like a house now. The rooms are framed, it has stairs, and we can see where the fireplace will be. Riley seemed to love it and got to meet one of his four-legged neighbors. We're at just two months and one week until we close, y'all!

We spent the remainder of the day Sunday doing little errands, cleaning up, and watching football/lesson planning. This coming weekend we are headed to Greenville, South Carolina to see some friends and enjoy some delicious food at Fall for Greenville. This is one of the things we loved most about Greenville when we lived there several years ago.


  1. Amazing~!!! Thanks to them for their service!

  2. so sorry for your loss! thinking of you and your family! on the bright side, congratulations on the progress of your new home, can't wait to see the finished product!

  3. I'm sorry again about your cousin, but I'm glad you got to spend some time with your family.

  4. Sorry about your loss. And great news about your townhome.


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