Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Birthday Dream Wishlist

Today is my 26th birthday! I have always loved birthdays. I love the anticipation, spending extra time with friends, having an excuse to go to dinner at my favorite restaurant, and of course eating cake. My birthday this year is a little anticlimactic, though, with it being on the Tuesday of a really busy week.

Since we close on our house in just four weeks, I made the mature decision to ask for gift cards to stores where I'd seen furniture or other home goods that I liked. This made me feel way too grownup. If price wasn't a factor and I could have anything I wanted for my birthday, I think I'd ask for these goodies:

1. Victoria's Secret pajamas. I will most definitely add a pair of these to my collection this fall. I get a pair every year this time when they have the free offer code for matching slippers, which I just love for when the hardwoods are freezing cold in the morning when I come out to turn on the coffee maker.

2. Canon EOS Rebel SL1 DSLR. I have been absolutely dying for a DSLR for about a year and a half.  I love this specific model because it is a little smaller than most. I lost the charger to my digital camera when we moved - you may have noticed by the absolute abundance of iPhone photos on the blog. Now I'm just boycotting purchasing a new one until I get a new camera.

3. Burberry Brit jacket. This jacket has been on my wishlist for three winters. When I moved to New Jersey, I invested in heavier jackets because it was much colder there. Now I feel like this could get me through most of the winter and looks nice while still going with everything.

4. Kate Spade Beacon Court Garland bag. I just love the delicate hue of this "ballet slipper" pink bag. Pink has always been my favorite color and I totally love to flaunt it. Not to mention the bow - isn't it adorable?

5. Kate Spade Cooper bracelet watch. My current watch is going on ten years old. I've been wearing it since high school and I still do love it. It is beautiful and great quality but sometimes I'm sick of seeing the same watch I've been seeing for the past 100 (!!) months.

These are totally extravagant wishes. This would be my dream wishlist if I could have absolutely whatever I wanted. I feel really content and fortunate with purchasing furniture, though, and am so very excited to move into our house in a couple weeks  (we have cabinets!). My husband did totally spoil me and splurge on one of the gifts above to make my birthday extra special and I am so giddy. Gotta love that man!


  1. happy birthday! Welcome to the 26 club :) and omg that kate spade bag is to die for. It's pink but not toooo pink if that makes sense? (says the girl with a hot pink coach purse...)

  2. Happy birthday pretty lady!! Hope you have a great day! A DSLR is also on my wish list so I can take pictures of the baby that are better quality than iPhone ones haha.

  3. Happy Birthday!! I got a DSLR for my birthday and it's the best gift I have ever received!

  4. Happy birthday! I love that pink purse - I hope you get it!


  5. Happy birthday! That camera and Burberry jacket are on my wish list too! :)

  6. Happy Birthday Elizabeth!!! DSLR is on my wish list too. Maybe one day!

  7. Just found your blog through Bre! Hope you have a wonderful birthday!


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