Friday, November 15, 2013

Friday Confessional

It has been quite a while since I have done a Friday Confessional and I really do love them. Isn't it great to start the weekend with a few confessions. Here are mine:

I confess... that I am such a wimp when it comes to cold weather now. I was being a total brat while scraping the ice off my windshield in the 22 degree morning we had yesterday. Its hard to believe that when we lived in Hoboken, it was that cold {and often colder} on the regular. How did I ever survive? Luckily, last winter I wised up and got the largest ice scraper you have ever seen so when I do have to scrape the Carolina ice, it at least goes pretty quickly. As I was violently shivering in my car at 6:00 am,   I couldn't help but feel in awe of myself for surviving multiple winters in New Jersey.

I confess... on a similar note {and one that will totally surprise you after my last statement}, I am really missing New York right now. Don't utter a word of that to my husband because I would have a change of heart really quickly if he suggested we go back. The holidays are such a magical time in the area and it kind of bums me out not to see children ice skating in the neighborhood as we take a Sunday afternoon walk, elaborate window displays, and the infamous Rockefeller tree. Plus, I've been bummed during my commute every morning that I don't get to see the Statue of Liberty every day. I find it really odd that I feel this way because I am really, really happy that we are in Charlotte but can't help feeling a little nostalgic at the same time for all NYC has to offer this time of year. We are headed up for a quick trip at Christmas so I am sure I will get my fill then. I'm also pretty positive that flying into Newark airport at Christmas will shake any nostalgia I feel for that area.

I confess... that I am excited to be celebrating my birthday this weekend. I'm looking forward to seeing some friends and having a brunch date with my family. I'm only turning 26 this year but for some reason it has me feeling so, so old {which I am not excited about.} When I turned 24, I was pretty ok with it. When I turned 25 and saw my car insurance rates drop, I actually felt a slight wave of panic. This year, I just feel ancient for some reason even though deep down I know I am not at all. My sweet husband spoiled me with an early birthday present that was at the very tip top of my list. While I have lots of other fun wishes, I'm most excited about adding some more furniture for our new house.

I confess... that I got super giddy yesterday when the Holiday Sirius channels were launched. I really wanted to hold out until after Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays and I feel like its getting less and less recognition. Has anyone else noticed that Hobby Lobby brings out their first Christmas decorations the last week in July? Poor Thanksgiving. Anyway, I had to get a little taste of Holiday music on my drive home yesterday. We probably won't decorate for Christmas this year since we're moving the week before and then going right out of town so I think that entitles me to an extra three weeks of Holiday music, right?

I confess... that I am so happy it is Friday! I know I say that every week. I totally love my kids and my job but by the time 3:00 on Friday rolls around, I am totally, completely exhausted {and in need of a cocktail}.

Happy Friday, friends! Do you have any confessions today?


  1. Right now I work in San Francisco and the commute into the city often bums me out. But I know a day will come when I miss seeing that beautiful city everyday!

  2. When you move into your new house you will have to park your car in the garage and never again will you have to scrape your car windows before you head to work. We just moved into our new home back in May and I love having a garage to park my car in! I never had one before, so it's really quite awesome.

  3. When we moved from South Florida to Charlotte I complained every day about missing the beach!

  4. I am a wimp with cold weather too - my seat warmer is always on, and with a blanket on top of it. And I just dug out my electric blanket :)

  5. I was excited to turn 26 last year because it was my golden birthday. lol This year it's like "what in the world do I want to do?" And though I'm turning 27, I don't feel like I'm turning 27.

  6. Happy Birthday, Elizabeth. Not old at all.

  7. Happy Birthday! I've been having some of the same feelings of missing Texas (which REALLY surprises me since I wasn't crazy about moving there from Philly in 2009.)

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