Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Lust List - Holiday Cards

With Thanksgiving just days away, I find myself already thinking ahead to Christmas and the holidays that are now right around the corner. Corey and I have never sent out Holiday cards. We intended to do something cute with a clever play on the words “merry/marry” last year for our first married Christmas, however things ended up being pretty hectic in our community as we recovered from Hurricane Sandy. This year, though, I am bound and determined to send out a Holiday card to all our friends and family.

It has been an exciting year with the move back to the Carolinas, both of us starting new jobs, and purchasing our first home. I cannot wait to share all of the fun we’ve been up to with our loved ones. Deciding to send out a card was only half the battle – then we had to go about choosing one.

I recently received an email from TinyPrints and was inspired to check out a few of their Holiday card designs. TinyPrints is a division of Shutterfly that specializes in high quality paper goods. If you are unfamiliar with this darling company, you need to hop on over to their site this instant to take a look. They have everything from invitations and thank you cards to personalized stationary and moving announcements {which Corey and I will be ordering so very soon.}

Of course this time of year I was immediately drawn to the section of their website featuring Holiday cards and there are a number of designs that I am totally in lust with. 

 There are so many cute designs that I am having a tough time narrowing it down to just one! When I do make my decision, I can be sure that they'll go out in time, though because one of the best things about TinyPrints is that they offer two day rush shipping for procrastinators like me.  

Are you sending out Holiday cards this year? 


  1. What cute cards! This is the first year we're sending out a Christmas card! So excited!

  2. Yes! My husband rolled his eyes - it seems like we JUST finished thank yous for the wedding - but I send them every year! We're sending these: http://www.leenjean.com/cards/merry-christmas.

    Good luck with yours!

    - Catherine (cgspringer.blogspot.com)

  3. We're sending cards too! Thanks for all this info!


  4. There are so many cute cards out there! I ordered mine a week ago. :)


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