Monday, November 11, 2013

Weekend in Review

This weekend just flew by! We were busy as can be. I stayed late at work on Friday then headed to the gym as soon as I got home. Corey and I finally unwound with an Italian dinner

I enjoyed some lobster ravioli, which was very good but still made me a little homesick for New Jersey and New York's Italian food. Corey and I are such food snobs after living so close to Manhattan for several years. Charlotte ladies - what are your favorite Italian restaurants??

On Saturday we woke up bright and early and headed to the Pottery Barn outlet I. Gaffney, SC. I have been drooling over the Metropolitan coffee table and we scored it for $160 off.

Then, we headed to the infamous Hickory Furniture Mart. We were in search of a recliner for Corey and wanted to start looking at dining room furniture. We've been having this recliner debacle for quite some time because Corey has been dying for a leather "man chair" that would be perfect for football watching and Sunday afternoon naps. I absolutely hate the big, frumpy look of recliners. The only one we'd both liked rang in at $2,200 and that was not going to happen. We looked at every non-recliner looking recliner in Hickory and finally found one we both liked. 
Hooray! It was really amazing to be able to choose an exact color of leather from 100 samples. You'll have to wait until we move in to see it, though! :) 

We traveled and furniture shipped for 8 hours and were totally exhausted. When we finally made it home, we had dinner, watched a movie, and then went right to sleep. I'm totally shopped out for a while (or at least I will be after The Charlotte Social's Nordstrom event tonight.) 

Sunday was spent entirely doing chores around the apartment and getting ready for a crazy week ahead. Of course I found time to investigate the progress on our house.

The outside is done and it is entirely sheet rocked. We're getting so close now! Five weeks to go!


  1. Yay for progress and furniture! You are so lucky to have a Pottery Barn outlet near you!!

  2. that food looks super yummy!! and oh my gosh y'alls house is coming right along- how exciting!

  3. I went furniture shopping with my fiance a few weeks ago and WHOA, men sure do have unique furniture taste! I'm glad you guys found a recliner you could compromise on! :)

  4. I love your blog! I am a new follower!

  5. House looks so good! I swear it feels like ours is never going to get started!

    So far for Italian in Charlotte we like Mama Ricotta's (check out their Thursday night date night menu on Facebook) and Portofino's (a little more casual). But we also most recently moved from Texas which has a serious lack of good Italian. If we'd been coming straight from Philly/the Northeast I don't know how it would compare.

  6. So glad I got to see you last night precious girl! As always, I love your blog and your posts so I just had to nominate you for the Sunshine award! Check out my blog post from today for more deets! xxo


  7. How did I now know there was a Pottery Barn outlet in Gaffney... I feel like I've been under a rock or something. A Saturday road trip is in my future for sure! And you're home is coming along beautifully. Love it!

  8. Hi there!

    So good to meet you last night! Funny you asked about Italian restaurants in Charlotte, I'm planning post on that topic in a few weeks, my boyfriend and I are always on the hunt. My favorite for pasta is Villa Franscesca in Uptown and for pizza is Brooklyn Pizza in South Charlotte. Have a great week!

  9. Girl, you had a BUSY weekend!! I would be in sooooo much trouble if I lived close to a Pottery Barn outlet!
    Your home is gorgeous! Sooo exciting that it's almost done! You should be moved in by Christmas, right? That will be a special Christmas :)

  10. I just joined the Charlotte Social and was checking out some of the members! Hopefully I'll make it to Decembers meeting! New follower!

  11. Leather sofa world has also seen a huge rise in interest in recliners over the last couple of years so not only do in there are a range of single recliner chairs but also reclining sofas!


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